User Reviews For: Straight Guys Like Yaoi, Too [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Jynksy Rating
Great drawing style, fun to read, just enough development of the characters to feel for them without dragging it out. Well done! There are light sabers, but not the usual light sabers. You can still tell what is where and doing what. They don't interrupt the story at all. I enjoyed this, bought it permanent.
Ibeshippin Rating
Muscular bottoms need love too! I wish I could go back in time to read this for the first time over and over! The art is! I also really enjoyed the story lines! Still have no clue what's up with that old classmate- No way are any of the dudes straight haha. I'm also very much in love with the side story ;)
0hRa30h Rating
I absolutely LOVE Toshiyuki & Fuyuki (and their adorable sisters too)!!!! I like that although their employer/employee role became more involved physically, it didn't seem at all that awkward between them. In fact, it seemed like it was the most natural progression for them to take. And their editor seems to be all for them hooking up too hehe
bb842 Rating
Fun read and sweet! Love how the first and second story are connected. Glad I bought this.
thewritinggirl Rating
I loved this story, I thought it was great and brilliantly drawn. It's incredibly hot and the two main guys are perfect for each other. Good pacing, great smut scenes and the shorter second story at the end feeds into the first which I like. A definite must-read, especially if you like burly, intimidating men as bottoms!!
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
This is everything I love about yaoi! This story is my new personal favorite!
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