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AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
I actually screamed when the the first chapter ended. It's so freaking good I need more why is there only one chapter out. WHY!!! Release them all take my money!
dongtheggplant Rating
Okokok. I've been endlessly scrolling through the BL section of this site. It's so hard to find BL that could catch my attention and also keep me interested. Now, I finally found a new one. Highly recommend it, the couple is cute and MC is even cuter. Art is great too, I wasn't too sure because of the cover art but the overall art of the manga is high quality. I spent some time oggling at some panels. Story wise, it's average, it's nothing new but it's not boring somehow. The characters pretty much saved the story.
acedevorak Rating
Beautiful art! The story is not the most original-- but it is right up my alley. The pacing is alright, and the ending made me tear up. The fact that Naru wears Maki's jacket throughout most of it is such a cute touch.
maria Rating
I like this manga, it is interesting.
Nessy Rating
I loved this one! The two mc have a height different and very different personalities. Its awesome!
MioAkiyama Rating
This a really great and simple plot between two guys, a little drama dropped in it as well. A really good balance of plot and smut. I recommend it!
freshleaf Rating
These boys are so precious!! Highly recommend this one
Yaoisfw Rating
Loved it!! I cant wait for chapter 6!
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