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MissMaus Rating
I'm not entirely sure what people are expecting when the root of the plot is in the title and the roles are implicit on the cover. A divine beast, for a lark, takes on a human pet as a plaything for the sake of entertainment. As is the usual trope, the human is utterly unwilling but incapable of resisting, and the divine beast (which is essentially a god who DGAF about human sentiment or emotion) does as he wants. The art is lovely, and I'm genuinely curious about the divine beasts and their behavior. However! When these kinds of stories are released by chapter instead of by volume, it's difficult to really get the gist of the story without being alienated by the page limit. I'm really looking forward to seeing how their unpleasant first encounter gets resolved. Hopefully in a fresher way than "I love you now, I feel guilty over how we first met, let's forget your village literally threw you into my arms and I violated you within minutes of bringing you home."
animepie Rating
Wow. This is reminiscent of old yaoi from back when and I mean that in a bad way. Divine beast takes a human as their toy. Standard dub-con/non-con story but hey it could pleasantly surprise me. I was so bored that I even skipped through the sex scene. Neither of the main characters were particularly charming. I should have seen the signs when the human looked way too innocent, that it would play its trope straight. I'm disappointed that I expected more.
Alisatoline Rating
Since there is only one chapter, I'm gonna wait a few more to decide either I like the story or not, but I think it have potential.For the moment, I don't really like the ML and the story is quite generic (humains are toys and they seen so much as inferior that even their names can be change by their master). I hope we're going to the the MC give him a lot of trouble (and change him hopefully). The art is good tho.
REDDI Rating
So pretty and ma heart, that seme seems to be fallin' :3 I'd only I knew a dragon
vicwalker Rating
Unfortunately not my cup of tea... I was captivated by the beautiful cover, but oh gosh I am disappointed. It's not always that a non-con bothers me so much... I know I only read one chapter but neither of them seemed interesting to care, felt a little off, and something about humans used as toys (sometimes sex toys as it's implied, maybe even children...) didn't settle down in a good way with me. The only thing that is a little good is how the human at least doesn't obey when it's not what he wants, but at the same time, he is a little way too naive about how his word works between humans and beasts, just so convenient for the plot.
madhatter Rating
There's no rating yet so I don't know what to expect. Unfortunately, I get disappointed even though I came in without expectations ;w; for those who might get bothered by this, take note that the first night is dubcon :v and the ML annoyed me a lot (but that's his character setting) so I won't be getting chapter 2 :P
uwusan Rating
Don't let the other reviews fool you, it was just as the descriptions says it would be. I really recommend this, it's a sweet story!
ebookrenta0ppo8n1x2 Rating
I have really enjoyed reading is manga and I will continue to read it in the future.
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