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mabbitybabbity Rating
Loved it. Cute and hot.
Qyubey Rating
Super cute and a fantastic read! I loved every couple and the scenarios they came up. The first couple is a strange misunderstanding but the two boys are just too cute! Great art and very fluffy content with a lot of love and sex. The dating sim one is definitely the best but the other two stories are lovely as well. Definitely a big recommendation!
belovedless Rating
rushed storylines, the characters all look young, and no backstories. just fluff and steam.
GregorIAN Rating
First story was good, but it felt too short. The rest of them all felt too fast and very one-dimensional. The drawing style was a bit too cutesy for my liking (more cutesy than the cover suggests), and some of the formatting (especially in Slugger) came across as awkward due to the similarities in the character designs. Crossposting this review to Baka Updates as Renta! seems to take down negative reviews.
fruitycharms Rating
So cute! All the couples were so adorable