User Reviews For: He's a Nurse and He's Especially Hard on Me [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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kurtsy Rating
I like both couples in the story it was so cute! and the hot scenes are 5/5!! If you're looking for a steamy and cute BL this is it ? . The 1st couple is the typical puppy topX tsundere bottom and the 2nd couple is a threesome ??
jingleclove Rating
Art is a solid 10 outta ten. Theres two stories in this manga and both are pretty good. The first involves a nurse and a patient who initially meet at a bar and things go on from there, and the other one is about a teacher with his nephew and a co-worker. The second one has a threesome that ends up pretty solid all around (wow!). Its a whole lot of smut, but it still made for a pretty good read. Rent it and see if it suits your tastes, I ended up purchasing it afterwards just for the quality in the artwork tbh.
Miyachan Rating
I wish the 1st story is the full volume! I love the 1st story character sooo much!!! It's was so damn cute!But the 2nd story was not bad either.. I just not into 3some yet!
rommy Rating
The art is so gorgeous, really pretty character designs. The first couple (nurse story) is my favourite so I would have loved to see more of them, but the second story (threesome) isn't that bad either. The smut scenes in the first story are especially good, I like that both characters are very into each other and enthusiastic about getting it on so there's no dubcon at all.
bryaness Rating
I like the nurse Au couple but i hope you do separate the conyent because the second part I'm not really fond of threesome
fionav3 Rating
This manga was a bit 'meh' for me. It's well drawn and the first story is kinda cute, but the second story is terrible (and accounts for half the volume). Not worth the price to be honest, I've read better manga here that actually cost less which is why I'm being harsh on this one.
Joanhennessy00 Rating
Wow the art is pretty and the story's great but the advertised story takes up only about half of the volume. The second story is good too but I would have loved to see more of the first couple. Plus the smut was great with everyone consenting at all times in both story's so that was a bonus. Overall a good read would recommend as no theres was no unnecessary dragged out drama, only lost a star because of the incest in story 2 and that's not my thing.
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