User Reviews For: Hero Worship -Turning Into A Woman Made The Hero Worship Me!-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute!!!! Love me a gender-swap story. Sho is pretty rude and a bit insensitive. Wonder what he's masking?? And Rufen is so sweet!!! The adventure continues and I'm curious to see who succumbs to who first?
KittyKatty Rating
Ehhhh the beginning was really interesting and artstyle is nice but the more you get into it the more it's just sexual assault and harassment than it is romantic. I personally dont like seeing Ruben get groped and grabbed as soon as he turns into a girl because it would be a scary situation even if he was a man before but it is a little frustrating how he doesnt address it either and just lets it slide or doesnt say anything because he knows Sho is just gonna do it again
shadowICEbunny Rating
I thought I wouldn't enjoy this story but it's so well written!! The characters are all likeable and it's a slow build-up between the hero and the girl?! But seriously!!! It's so sweet!! It brings in flashback moments between the two that fills in the gaps and explains the relationship (don't worry it doesn't start getting juicy until volume 3!!) I think it's the little moments that make it so sweet!! There won't be any spoilers, but please give this a read!! I highly recommend!!!
Bootsykk Rating
Actually a nice twist on the isekai hero genre! Our hero, Shu, is the one isekaid'd rather than the perspective character, Rufen. Cute and has a more nuanced take on the isekai genre for an adult title. Looking forward to more.
tylerssocks Rating
Soooo good! I love Gender benders and this is a good one. I'm worried the artist won't finish the story :< (it's been a few months since the last update) but it doesn't leave off on a super cliff hanger. Definitely worth checking out
Kokoraki5 Rating
To be honest, I'm not a fan of the gender bending stories, but this is actually a great one that is grounded and with a hero that acts like a jerk, but still understands that he acts like one. But the story is what really is just so strong here, with the love story between Sho and Rufen, two adventurers who may or may not have feelings between them since they first met. The story is still new, so that question hasn't really been resolved at the time of review, but this is a story that's really well written and has some some fantastic art, with some of Rufen's expressions being really animated and his feelings being made known too. Also, I have to say that the representation of characters with LGBT characteristics is some of the strongest I've seen in any media in a while (and I include the streaming services here), and I say this as a cis-het, with the characters actually being likeable rather than their identity being their personality. Well worth a try. I loved this.
SadAsian Rating
Cute! I love how the story is unfolding and I like how they end the chapter in a way to keep you interested. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Kachigo009 Rating
Simple and no crazy drama. The art is good and the storyline is simple. Just enjoy the story as is. I like it. The characters all have their roles and the lead couple is cute.
Agumon71 Rating
This I see soo good. I can't wait for the next chapter. You really get a feel for the characters and their dynamics. Absolutely like the main pair.
Paladin Rating
This is an interesting title. I liked the characters and the setting, so I'm eager to see how it turns out later on.