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GregorIAN Rating
A+ for rebellious and independent omega, D- for empty narration, alpha thinking he's better than his partner, and immediate wanton omega. Art looks good, but it gets busy and crowded on some pages, leaving it an interesting contrast to the predictable and trite stereotyping.All in all - not bad, not great. Just left me feeling hollow and bored.
Kmm07n Rating
I hesitated on buying chapters because of some of the reviews, and I regret waiting so long. I loved this manga! I'm an omegaverse fan, but I feel a little burnt out with the dub/non con you often find. This one is sweet and beautiful, and super steamy. I really enjoyed their relationship; an earnest alpha is the best! My only complaint is there isn't more. Definitely recommend!
Seranwrap99 Rating
I love this! It's both hot and super cute! I adore how Leo grows to respect and crave Eito and likewise playboy Eito begins to fall for Leo. It's a classic opposites attract plot and I'm not mad about that at all! Being an omegaverse and having a showbiz setting is just the cherry on top. Worth every penny and I can't wait to read more!
OtakuHime Rating
This manga is truly amazing thus far. The images are sexy, passionate and I love the consensual aspect. I can't wait for more. Release new chapters soon please!
freshleaf Rating
This is actually so good i'm surprised at the mixed ratings! I loved the connection between Leo & Eito so much and seeing Eito's friendship with Natsume was really heartwarming.
HoneyBEE Rating
Really cute story with consent I really wish renta would translate the side stories!!
Ladyznw Rating
Wow this is really interesting I can't wait for the next chapter
Endie92 Rating
This is a must read manga! I absolutely loved it.
blackcat666 Rating
Loving it so far!
alienxxi Rating
Arata Licca sensei's art is always superb! I LOVE BOTH OF HER WORKS! I hope to see more of her soon works soon! This manga is so sexy! I want a sequel of Eito x Leo, and a spin-off of Natsume's case! Her characters are interesting!
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