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Kmm07n Rating
Cute, steamy, and low on the drama. The uke is a little bit of a dummy, but so funny and kind, and the younger seme is a hottie (I love tops with an unrequited love). It was such a pleasure to watch them fall in love, and without any of the overplayed hurdles you often see in manga. The art is great; the sex scenes have some gorgeous lines. There's a little bit of dubcon in chapter 1, but overall it's a fluff fest. If nothing else, read it for the adorable gay lion couple!
MirUsako Rating
Main story was okay, but, I really liked the side story of their two co-workers. They only had one chapter and appeared briefly for another, but they still intrigued me more than the main pairing. Would've been nice to have read more about them.
jingleclove Rating
Pretty light read!Story revolves around a reunion between a broke playboy who loves animals a whole lot and a childhood friend of sorts who's been heavily involved with animals his whole life.A simple unrequited crush turned mutual, but the initial dynamic between the two is more like a cautious mouse versus a carnivorous cat. I was a huge fan of the art style, very dynamic and clean, and suited the story's style. The art also complimented the character's designs extremely well.I also wished the coworkers got a spin-off or at least another chapter because they're both idiots, but in different senses, so when you put them together, you end up with all sorts of chaos.A heads up for the subtle dub-con with the main couple in the beginning, mainly since alcohol was involved. I don't mind it, but I know others might be put off by that.Overall, pretty light story, but the characters make it worthwhile! I like the pairs presented!
fandomnightmare Rating
Oh man, Tobiwashio really knows how to write a good sex scene, huh. The general atmosphere was fun, the art was dynamic and expressive, and the sex was HOT. The main couple are cute, though there is a switch teased near the end that we never see happen. I think I actually liked their co-workers a little more, though the co-workers were a side couple who only got a oneshot. But damn that oneshot was the hottest thing I've read in ages. This was great, Tobiwashio is great, buy this. (Warning: first chapter is a little dubcon, but only in the "surprise drunken fumble" sense.)
Dino Rating
Honestly pretty nice to read, a bit cringe on a few parts but otherwise it's very good. Definitely like one of the other comment I read, the side story about the other two was better, at least for my taste.
chou Rating
No rollercoaster feels, just a cute story! I like the zoo setting and the guy just spoiling his animals >.<! The main couple is really cute, but I like the dynamics of the side couple a bit more! Hopefully this gets another volume or the side couple gets a separate volume! Also, art is good too!
Chad Rating
Love it!! It was so cute. Loved how the setting of the story was a zoo. If I was to say anything negative it would be that it was short. I would love to have seen more of the second couple. Plus maybe having the two couples find out about each other and see how things might have been in the future.
Miyachan Rating
I wish there is 2nd volume for the other couple! Wanna know if they end up together or not!!!!! Anyway I love the story!! It's was funny and the pace was not rush at all!! Next story please!!
taehoeung Rating
Super cute and adorable!
MioAkiyama Rating
You know when 2 male lions are the ones that's the MVP of this story. Eiji (Straight) see how the animals love each other regardless of gender decide to take up the challenge to love back his colleague! Tons of comedy with full of animals / marine animals and fluffy love!The 2nd "couple?" (Uncertain) has a shorter story compared to the main 1st couple they are just fooling around comparing if their Ds are really as huge as a certain mammal . It's really funny, full of comedy and fluff. I highly recommend!
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