User Reviews For: A "Perfect" Flower -The Joining of a Fated Pair-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh if this was real life this would suck! No pun intended. Poor dude. Anyway the girl is tenacious!!! Art is super beautiful. But is he going to be ok?
ShinjuK Rating
I am in love with this story and these illustrations. The usual plot has been turned upside down. She is the one who controls the whole situation quite a bit. The deep story of the past of our sweet protagonist and what moves her in her research is something that she also catch you, beyond the heated scenes. Totally recommended. I don't want to wait but I need more volumes. Saving my points to continue with this wonder.
Tea45 Rating
I love this author's work it always keeps you wondering about how the main characters will react in each chapter. I'm interested in the past of the male lead and I can't wait for the two to become closer.
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