User Reviews For: A Man Named Souji Takita [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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ozmo Rating
Beautiful art! The second story IS incest tho so if that's not your thing, maybe skip it.
yokaidoll Rating
Even when there's some really heart-warming and wholesome moments in this author's work, there's usually some edge to it somewhere. Second story is incest between twins, and then there's a possibly triggering story following one that ends well. That story thankfully is easy to tell because of how it starts. I overall really enjoyed this one, but it's not for everyone! If you're familiar with the author's other work you'd probably like this one too
Mnky3 Rating
I loooove the art it's super pretty and the sexy parts are very hot!! Second couple is a little weird but the rest is very good!
Ekubosdimple Rating
Ummmmmm so the first story was really cute I loved it, the second story was disgusting and incest not even on a technicality, straight up incest and I'm upset I put my money toward a book with something like that and there was no lead up to the incest were I could've seen it coming. The first scene is literally the two brothers going at it. So as a forewarning this contains incest....yeahhh not my favorite
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