User Reviews For: This Cheapskate Knight Wants to Make Me Cry


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SadAsian Rating
Here for this! Saw the novel i think but never got around to reading it so I'm excited to read it here
Kazz Rating
Omg, omg, ohmoohgaawdd!I want moawrr puhlesh! I hope to see lots, and lots of chapters!
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I love this! Fantasy world with romance, comedy, plot, and spicy interactions! This truly has it all! Only on chapter three, but I want it all!
gold3322 Rating
I love this title! Adorable uke, an anti-hero seme, and an intriguing setup: the uke cries magical crystals. Unbeknownst to him, this ability could put in real danger if the wrong people were to find out. The seme is protecting him...but also taking advantage of him. Will this man redeem himself? Dun dun duhh! Warnings for bullying lover and dub-con. Great world building, great conflict, and pretty art.
aliceanimelover Rating
I wrote this at chapter 5, the latest chapter, and it's still ongoing, so I am waiting for the next update! Do I recommend this? Yes!!! It's actually pretty cute when you look past the non/dub con part at the beginning. This story has so much potential, so I hope the author and artist don't rush this story too much! Can't wait for the next chapters!!
CruizingTho Rating
Worth the read ?
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