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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm so confused about what just went down here. The arts cool, but the layout is really funky. Like it's in your face Kapow!! And this trainer dude is scary. This could be triggering for some. Like is this gonna be a mind break type thing or is this just a rough start? Run Nagi!!! This how he gets his commission? Blackmail? Or just poor Nagi? Definitely need more backstory. It's a twisty one. Could get better. Idk.
luvcoffee10 Rating
Ok so I know it's a little stalkerish but he is sooooo hot. I feel like it's low key a fantasy of someone where their personal trainer fell in love with them and felt them up. The smut is ? and I'm here for it. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like smutty slightly questionable relationship with good art you are in the right spot
hangnt0610 Rating
I love the art, the character expressions, and especially the dialogues! They combined to create the perfect Yandere character and I absolutely love it! Easily the best Yandere manga I've read on Renta.
lbrandy46 Rating
Can't wait for another chapter!
Evapple2000 Rating
ML like a big german shepherd that's head over heels in love with a bichon FLit's warming up and turning cute and steamy
cheyfoster Rating
I really like this story so far
13ella Rating
The art is amazing and the plot is funny… lately I've only been wanting to only read the titles that have good artwork. If you're not into dub-con it may not be for you.
ebookrenta0qwi5yw10 Rating
It's a little intense but I feel like it will turn into something sweet. Also the art is really nice and spicy. Hopeful to see how this progresses!
andiekae Rating
The art is great, as with most manga run in PinkCherie, but I just… There was way too much dubcon in it for me. In the first chapter alone she outright rejects him and tries to say no several times but he forces himself on her and then blackmails her… Yikes. I'm sure it works for some people but if content edging TOO close to sexual assault isn't your tea, give this one a pass. Won't be finishing it myself.
ebookrentadecember27 Rating
Uh, nope nope...pretty obvious this seems to be some sort of stalker. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but take the other's advice. It is not for anyone who cannot stand creepers.
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