User Reviews For: The Dirty Gentleman And His Dress-up Boy Toy [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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animepie Rating
Lmaooo. This was sexy but it was also extremely hilarious. Shoichi is such a pervert. A hilarious perverted ass-and-thighs worshipper. It was so soft and fluffy seeing how much they would do to satisfy their partner. Haruomi is just so cute, trying to get Shoichi more active with him in the bedroom. I'm obviously not doing this story justice but it's cute, sexy, and funny with two consenting adults.
yellowdoors Rating
Just. Amazing. No more words needed.
sirra23 Rating
I have zero regrets about buying this. 10/10 I loved it, this is a gem of a volume. The characters are dynamic & loveable, their interactions are well-written. There are so many times I genuinely LOL'd reading this. It is funny, extremely sexy (gotta love Haruomi's outfits!!), yet manages to be so wholesomely sweet at the same time. Highly recommend this title!!
Jelibelli Rating
This was so funny. A quality read that you wish didn't end.
catriare Rating
It's a very funny and lighthearted read :)
zyegirl4535 Rating
This was absolutely hilarious! The whole thing was just so funny, I'm incredibly happy about this yaoi.
kyokobaby Rating
these guys are so sweet with each other??? oh, and it's also hilarious, ESPECIALLY the bonus.
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