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ebookrenta0xa6wdjii Rating
I'm a sucker for these kind of stories ? I'm dying to see their development! ???
susanbd21 Rating
It's that slow burn bittersweet love you can't help, but like to read.... especially when it's happening to someone else.
animepie Rating
Urgh. This is definitely a bittersweet slowburn. When the guy you like thinks you like someone else and wants to help in his own dorky, awkward way. It's so cute and sweet, but so incredibly painful. Yuki and Kouki are very precious together and I'm so rooting for them to finally communicate their true feelings soon.
OzawaShuri Rating
This is by far one of the best manga I've ever read, I enjoyed every chapter of it and I'd be thrilled if they make a sequel out of it, because I love the main characters so much!!
Maevalily Rating
This was sweet slow burn and ends very adorably! Consensual x infinity!! These 2 boys are so sweet and awkward and they deserved each other so much! Bought it all to keep :) it's not steamy but it does have a scene at the end =v=
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