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Akiu Rating
I liked it. There are two pairs and the stories are connected. Both couples (but mostly the pair in second story) have a bit of a sad background.I would have wished for more loving sex scenes. Both couples are rather rough and have a lot of disputes.But overall i'm happy with the purchase.
gugugu Rating
I thought this would be cute but the story was jumbled and hard to follow.
Leatrixrmf Rating
Contrary to other reviewers, I liked this. Definitely not for newbies, but if you have a fondness for the tsundere type of story and aren't too offended by the dubious consent aspects, it's actually worth your time. Neither story is a traditional lovey-dovey relationship, but they do have some recognisable aspects - which may make may some people uncomfortable with how they are played out. Both have a HEA of sorts - which is always a big tick from me.
phoebethao Rating
I loved it! I love reading stories about obsessive love. I like how much depth each character has. Thank you author-sama so much!!! 5 stars!!!
ChiiMotosua Rating
You know what? I liked it. I read so the reviews for a long time and kept putting it off, but I am glad I didn't listen to the bad reviews this time. It is a little bit messy, I tend to like cleaner cut manga so I don't have to search for stuff on the page, but it was not too bad that it detracted from enjoying the plot. I can understand how some people get confused about some of the flashback scenes, but if you are paying attention, it's not confusing. I liked both stories okay, but by far liked the second couple more. Which is ironic. Usually it would be the opposite, but I did not like the dynamic of the first couple. Personal preference. Overall, I would recommend this one.
Cram Rating
No, the author could have done a better job and the editor too. Too many time jumps. Hard to read. Obsessive, but not really loving behavior. Second couple a bit better. I'm actually disappointed. Recommend rent only, if you don't mind.
carrots Rating
Definitely one of those "classic soap drama BL"
HorseObsessed Rating
WARNING: The 2nd batch of stories (Fuyumi,Yoichiro), about the 1st 1/4 - 1/2 of it is physical violence by Yoichiro against Fuyumi. There are stories at the end of each batch of stories where each character tells, through inner narration how they feel about their Boyfriends/Husbands from childhood to the present, the artwork there is, I think, the best in the Tankobon it's softer, easier on the eyes. The backgrounds in some of the chapters are very intricate, it's beautiful. I wish more Mangaka would draw their backgrounds at least half that good. And could they please get rid of ghost/shadow people in the backgrounds & start drawing them the way they did a few years ago, please?
SadAsian Rating
Cute couples!!!! Non con in a memory flashback but nothing terrible
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