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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Such a sweet oneshot!!! Both boys are incredibly likable and cute. Very easy to follow and the art is great!!! The ending is incredibly open ended but leaves off an very high somewhat HFN ending. Like they ran off on the sunset. There's lots of background given for both characters but I would love more story. But it's a one shot so maybe the mangaka will do a sequel of sorts? Wishful thinking I know. Just so cute and truly innocent; a love confession and that's it. No kisses or anything
LilMissAmo Rating
It was truly adorable. Thank you very much for giving me this tiny moment of great happiness!
Skaenund Rating
So cute and wholesome. I wish this was more than a oneshot though. It deserves to be a full volume.
pandaquit Rating
Omgosh It was such a cute story! Both characters are very cute inside and out! It's very much worth it, specially if you're looking for something sweet and youthful, and even if you're not looking for that kinda read, you'll still feel very happy after finishing such a wholesome and fantastic story! Now I wanna read more from this author!
GregorIAN Rating
Adorable but if this is truly a One-shot it is a shonen ai (no smut). Like none.
PennyDreadful Rating
It's cute and fluffy, but incredibly tame. Not even a kiss! I wish it was longer, and had more of their relationship developing. Maybe more chapters later? I dunno. I was hoping for a lot more than we got here.
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