User Reviews For: Hold Me? In Your Dreams! -My Coworker Rival Corners Me With Love


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Literally been counting down the days until this became available on this site. I love office romances and rivals to lovers is my jam!!! This mangaka always has interesting storylines and adorable cutesy artwork but doesn't forgo the hot factor or comedy. I love that the ML is an unreadable hottie that is always looking out for our FL but because he's so expressionless she can't understand why he does what he does but has decided that they're rivals nonetheless lol!! Looking forward to ML teaching the FL a thing or two in and out of the office ;)
Tin1993 Rating
Love it!!
boarhandles Rating
I really love this author and the male leads she writes but it feels like there's not enough care put into this title. Both the first and second chapter have mistakes in the story continuity / illustration (one panel she has her legs up and then they're totally posed different then next panel. One panel the guy has his pants off and then suddenly they're on again). That makes it hard to keep the flow / mood going because it's confusing. The story is fun and hot but because of this I won't be renting anymore. If the story concept was novel I would reconsider but it's not, so not worth the errors being made in production.
W1llyb0y Rating
Cute, great story, now some sexiness.ohh
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