User Reviews For: My Middle-Aged Boss Is An Unfair Stud-Let's Start Our Weekend-Only Romance


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmmm. All I know is that the Boss is AF. And has a sad FBoi vibe? Arts great. FL is direct and I can totally relate to her fantasizing about his butt lol!!! Weekend romance, why not? What's the worst thing that could happen? Lol!!!
eknystrom Rating
I love this one. So sexy and they're so sweetly in love.
boarhandles Rating
The artistry of this series is ?chef's kiss? just so beautiful, every panel, every embrace. You can really feel the emotion of both characters TT_TTWith that being said, the FL is hilariously aggressive AND she has a great butt. Also I love that the way you turn a guy middle aged is to just give him two tiny lines under his eyes XD anyway this is a fun and steamy series with so much cuteness.
Noodlebat Rating
Two super hot leads, awesome chemistry and it gets hot in chapters to come. You won't regret purchasing this one.
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
The guy is exactly my type ;)))) hello sir
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