User Reviews For: The Stripper's Raunchy Antic


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kyokobaby Rating
I'm trying to think of a way to say “I need to read the next volume of this immediately” that is more eloquent than “I need to read the next volume of this immediately” but the only words that come to mind are, you guessed it, “I need to read the next volume of this ~immediately~“.
MariMiau25 Rating
This is absurdly beautiful, cute, romantic, I LOVE IT!!! Beautiful couple, beautiful art, perfect!! 20/10
BlackSheep Rating
I'm liking it so far.Was expecting bunny stripper to be the attacker at first, but then no.The development feels a bit rushed though.
Jellygay Rating
I'd leave more stars if I could, this was just very wholesome!
lovesfiction97 Rating
It's good. I will say though, I'm at chapter 11 and the dude trying to get in the way of the leads relationship is so so stupid. You'll get what I mean when you reach there. I don't care what kind of sob story he gets later, that behavior is not only stupid, but clearly dude has way too much free time and nothing better to do with his life. Fatherless behavior fr fr.
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