User Reviews For: After The Rain [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Munree Rating
The sequel I badly wanted to see, but didn't know it existed! And I'm absolutely happy to see it, really wanted to see a continuation of Natsuro's story!~ Story might seem like it's going really fast at first, but there is more to it and a lot of more reason behind it. Page 264 is absolutely beautiful? More of Aki Ueda-sensei, please!
fuyuyume Rating
NO. I feel Natsuo pushed his feelings on Tsuyuhiko forcefully and guilted him into this "love". Not everyone loves the same and instead of learning Hiko's love language Natsuo forced him to adapt to his own. Yes, he got him out of a bad situation by bending and changing him into who he wanted. That is manipulation not love.
belovedless Rating
This story has an interesting kink involved. Lots of non-con and dub-con. But I think it's way better than the first story in this series.
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