User Reviews For: 25 Sleepless Hours: My Boss Spoils Me Between the Sheets


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boarhandles Rating
MOOD. This series is so frustratingly hot. This author excels at vibes, they really make you shiver with just some exposition and without having to get explicit. Story goes in great irony that a lady who designs bedding for a living can't sleep. But she realizes when holding her boss she gets the best sleep ever. So things kinda escalate from there. He's gentle and handsome and has a sensitive and sad side. I am currently on chapter 3 and can't wait to see how the story develops. The art is sooooooo good TT__TT the way the author composes the scene and gets in all the sexy angles? major skill!
MorriLove Rating
This was a good one, I appreciate the not sudden jump into sex, I appreciate the build up and the feelings between the characters. I really enjoyed this read, most of these types of small series are so off in terms of pacing, but this one hits a nice stride and was really nice with the art too. Plus, a series about sleeping? how could you not love the premise.
thewritinggirl Rating
It was much more romantic than I thought it was going to be but I'm happy it was, it was sweet, cute, takes a little while to get to the full explicit scenes. I just wish it was longer, it had the potential to be at least a couple chapters longer.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was well paced up until the last two chapters then it just shot off and felt very rushed. The art is pretty but too sketchy for my preference, but that's just me. Also the rumors about the MMC are never really clarified and I'd think knowing why he got divorced would be kinda I don't know important? I always felt like he was holding back with our FMC. Their HEA just came off kinda shallow. I had to finish this story to get my answers and I never did!!! Lol!!!
Noodlebat Rating
Really sweet but the speech bubbles are very blurry and can be hard to read. Needs a sharper scan.
humdrum Rating
My current obsessive fav. Love interest reminds me of Kakashi. lol I love it.
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