User Reviews For: Show Me Your Sexy Side, Caretaker!


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lovesfiction97 Rating
Nothing wrong with good 'ol plotless smut sometimes.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Bwahhaaahaha!!!! This starts off absolutely ridiculous that you can't take one bit of it seriously. The top is a cheeky ass brat!!! But Natsou is pretty cute once he gets attached to Eiji. Eiji had very questionable boundaries lol!!! It's got a HFN ending. Have to imagine that they're in for the long haul. I'd read a sequel about their daily life once Natsou graduates. It's cute and the smut is hot AF!!! Good mindless quick read for sure!!!
princetheripper Rating
I don't mind porn without plot but the way certain things happened is so ridiculous it takes me out of the porn completely. Like, what kind of grown man would have a dick in front of them and when the other guy says "Ahh" they would oblige and then be surprised when the dick gets shoved inside their mouth??
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Perfect smut, though I'm sad about the lightsabers, it's still incredibly hot.
Skaenund Rating
Not bad, barely any plot though....the ending too left a lot to be desired....why not take the job and have a healthier relationship? Just weird lol.
QTpie Rating
This was stupid. I only read the first chapter but that was enough to know that I wouldn't waste any more money on this. It's not even good smut.
Nasifino Rating