User Reviews For: Life - The Road That Leads To You [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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hetnet65 Rating
Such a nice story! I am so happy to see it published in English, although I'd really like to have this one in print. It is a very sweet and moving story, cleverly written in a way that covers the life of their relationship all in one volume. There has also been a live drama adaption made of this story which I highly recommend.
cowynet Rating
I bought it after learned it won best manga no 1 in chill chill BL award 2018 . Wow, now I understand why this work won prestiguous BL award! It starts with when the boys both 17 year old and they both grow old together. There are conflict that quite rare happen in BL world but it solved eventually. It's really beautiful, no wonder this work won BL award. Initially I just rent it, but definitely will upgrade so I can read again!
CancerDragon Rating
Sooooooo good! Art is great and the story is better. Will make you cry(twice).
Ashurichan Rating
Not a single page is wasted in this. Without a doubt one of the greatest love stories I've ever read.
Jinx212 Rating
Parts of this story had me crying others had me laughing. Definitely reflects the ups and downs of Life. But a cute and beautiful story over all.
SynapseError Rating
This is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. This is definitely going to be in my top five.
Thea Rating
This is really beautiful read i love this story reflects reality were not relationship lasts but he true ones last forever
This manga is so wholesome and it literally will make you cry! I love looking through the lives of the two protagonists. Although they met because they were playing similar things, little by little you began to see how different they are from each other, but also how much they love and care for each one. I love this story ?.
flyhigh10 Rating
So heartfelt. I definitely cried. Very sweet glimpse at love throughout a lifetime
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