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radish Rating
That rivalry tension is soooo good!!! Just read ch 2 and really looking forward to the rest of their relationship development!!!!!
tuesday Rating
My favorite new series! This is peak rivals to lovers. They feel fierce competitiveness towards each other because they respect each other more than anyone else in the world. Their rivalry has gone on for years (so much pining and unresolved tension potential ;) ) but it doesn't fully define them as people either. What I mean by that is they're not just one-note characters - rather they're both well-rounded people, considerate co-workers and friends, and care about doing good work for their clients at work. They're really interesting, great people who get even better (and so much sillier) when they're with each other. To me, this is the hottest dynamic ever!The art and story are 1000/10 to me! I can't wait for more. <3
ElleRue Rating
I love FFL and I am seriously so happy to see it get an official English release!! I've read this one countless times & I already own the JP version, both digitally & physically… yet here I am buying it a third time. RyouZen are one of my top favorite couples. This first volume is so good despite being quite tropey & I love watching their relationship develop. The sequel is even better and I hope this means we'll see that get an English release too! Give this one a shot, its so spicy and fun
Sachmet Rating
This story is super cute and a pretty good and new idea. I love it!!!
Catattx13 Rating
If I could give this 10 stars I would. The passion between these two seared a hole through my screen. I have NEVER come across an office rivalry that did it so deliciously like this- and I LOVE office romances with rivals or hate/love tropes. This was so HEALTHY in a way I can't describe. They communicated with both themselves and each other and if there is one weakness of mine, it's a top getting absolutely WRECKED. Not in a regret-arc way, but in a “I'm so desperate for you, my mind is blank and I am feverish with desire. Tell me what you want and I'll do it gladly”. You know what I'm saying? This series is worth every single point AND THEN SOME. I'll be back to revisit these two many times, I can already see it.
Makintosh96 Rating
Omg this is one of my favorites now!! It's such a good rivals to lovers! And I looooovvveeeee this pair! They are so fun to read and the smut is *chefs kiss*. Definitely buy every chapter, cause you'll want to go back and re-read over and over again!!
kcfantastic Rating
I loved this manga! I'm not typically the biggest fan of rivals to lovers because it always seems like one is always winning over the other, but these two are on equal footing. The art was incredible. Good pacing. Great steamy scenes. And excellent translation. Also there is a fair amount of pining which is my favorite. I stayed up way later than I should have to binge read the available chapters because I just couldn't stop. This is definitely a BUY NOT RENT!
Sarnokh Rating
I really enjoyed the story. Rivals and love is a known topic, but this has a twist and some really lovable characters; also the art is really good. I had great fun with it. :)