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YokaiAkito Rating
I love stories about Shinto spirits and shrines, and this one is such fun! The relationship between all of the main characters is hilarious, and the full-color art does a great job showing their expressions. I highly recommend this manga for anyone wanting a fun story about cute childhood friends and bad-boy spirits!
samuraipo77 Rating
i really hope there's more to the story :(
hebihebi Rating
Really wish there was more of this than just a one-shot. It felt like it was setting up the premise without any delivery. I liked the art and the steamy scenes were good. I hope to see more from this artist/author in the future.
Angelfox7 Rating
Good story has great potential I just wish it would update again it's been awhile since it has but otherwise it's a very cute story
MadamMint Rating
The ending was SO abrupt. It has the potential to continue on, but nope, just stops.
HorseObsessed Rating
This is so cute I hope there will be more chapters.
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