User Reviews For: The Darkest Night Lords of the Underworld I


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BoredAsian Rating
Love; fantasy? hot and heavy scenes? romance? Heart stopping hunky possessive heroes obsessed and head over heels in love with the damsel in distress? This is 100% your cup of tea, get comfortable and get ready for this thrilling ride. So a young woman and a demon cursed for actions caused by pride both discover the need for each other in body, mind, heart and soul fight for safety and the chance to spend eternity together. This is my all time favorite fantasy manga and i'm fully confident that it will be yours as well!
chicobaby04 Rating
i always thought this series would be very boring so i have been putting this off but today i finally decided to read now i wish i have had read it before long before this is really good and it got me entranced now i want to read 2nd series of this story
sakueva Rating
Gdk Rating
Such a compelling story. The characters were beautifully drawn and the turn of events are quite fast so there's no non-action moment. The plot makes your heart race and the love angle is moving. I do hope the other guardians would be able to find their respective true love like Maddox and Ashlyn.
Kara Rating
Absolutely fantastic! So much going on here. I couldn't recommend it more strongly!
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