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kcfantastic Rating
This manga is so sweet! Okay, so the description is a tad misleading, Taro only has sex with Kenshi. In the first chapter there is a lot of steamy stuff that happens with the other siblings, after that it's just Kenshi. Their love for Taro is more of a family love than a sexual one. The story has a lot of interesting layers, and I definitely recommend it! As of this review the series is on it's 7th chapter, and so far Taro's story has pretty much ended with the fifth, after that, the story centers on Haru. (it's hot too!)
ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
I started reading this by buying the first chapter and while the story is super cute and the brothers have crazy and fun personalities...I just can't justify the later chapters because the 1st chapter was only 3 tickets for SEVENTY pages. You get to the second chapter and it's 2 tickets for 20 something pages. The chapters change in pages each time. Severely unfair.
funbrillo Rating
This is a good read. I rented it instead of buying. As a previous review stated Taro does not sleep with the other brothers but does have some pervy stuff done in the first chapter but settles down with Ken. Then there is Haru's love story which I really enjoyed and starting in Chapter 9 Rei's love story begins. It is a really enjoyable read. The brothers are all sweet and supportive.
AinoKusabi Rating
It didn't take me long to get into this one--every character is unique and the art is pretty. The whole "Snow Fella" concept is fun and the seven men endearing. And I like the additional stories about the other men in the family. Nice!
Nora990 Rating
love this version of snow white how all 7 brothers fall in love with him sooo beautiful
itsmemarie Rating
At first, I was curious about the title but it was actually very sweet. I like the story, worth renting.
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