User Reviews For: No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later


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Guest Rating
I love the storyline in this manga. It is funny, exortic, and an attention grabber. I could see this happening in real life.The artwork is amazing. The title is a handful, but other than that this manga has a lot of potential. It is very interesting and I can't wait for the next chapters.
antokki Rating
Promising story but had NTR in it which irks me. Dropping this series because of it.
OssanGirl Rating
Great art, likeable characters, and a common but not too cliche circumstance makes this a must read. The mismatch between the teenaged girl and her future husband is deftly handled with a light touch, and the backstory sets up enough so that you're dying to read the next chapter and find out how they got together. Recommended for those who love their vanilla, with a side of sexy.
cohen5483 Rating
Dropped after 4 chapters. There's NTR and the other guy is just an much to the point he's disgusting. Sure he got his reasons but, I couldn't stomach it anymore.
BoredAsian Rating
What would you do if the boy you thought was like a brother to you married you in the future? A wolf in sheep's skin, a libido strong enough to make you sweat. Lucky woman or she should she run far far away from him? Read on to find out exactly what this young beautiful woman does. This manga is recommended to those who can handle the heat and ready to spend most of their time looking for a man like him. So this is not for the kiddies but the hopeless romantics in the world. Enjoy! I know i did!!
もん Rating
It has a cliche premise however the idea how it was portrayed made it unique. The way how it's going to work along the way was put priority rather than one big climax, at least that's what I think. But I feel it will work really well and it has potential in chapters that'll more come out. Personally speaking, I believe this is the most interesting story of manga I've come to read this year. I look forward for the next chapter/s!
LemonMasochist Rating
The female main character in this story is really really really horny like I don't know what else to say about that. (She really loves getting off) But she overcomes her horny ways because she loves her husband very very much who is also her childhood friend...I guess...but yeah she even curses at the end (last volume) which I thought~was very funny.
Nora990 Rating
it kind sucks how she forget her husband who she love and remembering the bad guy who hurt her but great story line
nohface Rating
really enjoyed this one,i guess in the end the future girl and guy has a baby ^^
Flayingrose Rating
This is a creative and engrossing story. It not only gives you smut but it gives you emotion and mixes of...well all the things you might be into to ;) Also it even dares to touch the subject of the theory of universes lol. I reaaaally like this one:)
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