User Reviews For: How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out


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GregorIAN Rating
Interesting story, but the translation could've done with some proofreading. Ankle for angle, dropped pronouns, etc. There are so many proofreaders / editors (including myself), who would love to ensure accurate translations, so I'm a bit baffled when I see this. Same story is available VertiComix. I prefer this format, but check the comments. I'll post there if I find the same issue.
BlackBelle Rating
I very much enjoyed this. It was a little expensive, but I think it was worth it. Both MC's were sweet and honest in their feeling, no crazy tsundere drama (I was kinda expecting it from the Uke) nor bullying from the Seme. First chapter there was a bit of force, but you could tell that from the description. Past that, we have a sweet Seme trying to make the Uke (who's just as sweet) fall in love with him. The drama came in when the ex made an appearance and there was serious jealousy going on. This is where it lost a star for me, because the communication went down hill at this point. But we got an HEA so it was still very good.
LMonster2 Rating
Although the story is a bit slow, I loved it. It was interesting to see the development between the two characters and I felt like the story left me satisfied.
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