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botaneko Rating
The Main Character is actually a hostess, so in her job she meets the older man who is her favorite author and is attracted to. After spending the night together, she discovers that he has a son. Feeling sad, she spends the night at her boyfriend's house to forget about the older man. Unfortunately his father comes home early, finding out that he is the older man!I enjoy this manga! We have the kind, caring boyfriend, and the domineering older man of her boyfriend's father whom gets her heart excited. This is a very exciting love triangle!The scenes are sexy and the story keeps you engaged. I can't wait for the next chapter!
sakueva Rating
Oh,very intense. The tension between father and son and the tension between the craving between the two men is off the hook. If you're looking for something forbidden then this is one of many for you. Great storyline and character drawings. Definitely a must read!
frozen Rating
Hmmmm to like your boyfriend or your boyfriends father who you think is awesome because he writes your favorite books..............This is a hot and steamy manga I so can't wait for the next part to come out
1ch1me Rating
Ok, so, just as the synopsis stated, "What's going to happen in this dangerous love triangle?" it made me curious to what exactly is gonna happen with these 3 people, so I decided to read it. Hinako and Yuuto has been dating for 3 months already, but Hinako can't tell him that she works in a hostess bar. There she met Yuuto's father, Seiichi Toudou, a novelist. They spent a passionate night together. She was about to get serious with him, but when she learned that he has a kid, she thought that getting more involved with him is not the best thing to do. After she and Yuuto made love at his house, his father unexpectedly came home, and then...!? Anyways, I'll stop there, but if you wanna know how the story went, then you need to read this! All I could say is that the story was thrilling, even the ending was thrilling, so can't wait to see what happens next! It was a fine story and good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! It is a Love Manga, so "read it at your own risk!" I recommend it!
Hana1519 Rating
The female lead works as a hostess and met the father. It was an instant liking and they ended up spending the night together. The first volume gave enough background of the story, especially the female lead background on liking older man. I do wonder what will happen and with whom she will end up with, considering the complicated situation she is in.
Alokele Rating
What's going to happen ahh
Ainj3wlz Rating
More please. It's so steamy and sexy between her and her bf dad
Minnie689 Rating
Love the story so far! Hot and Spicy older man and eqaully cute younger man! Only 1st chapter so far so haven't seen much if the dynamics of the lead female and her BF, lukewarm relationship. But the female lead and the BF father's chemistry is intense and can't wait for more! Hope they put out more chapters soon as I want to know what happens next I don't know when they released this first chapter but hopefully we get something soon no ETA as of 11/18/18
Flayingrose Rating
Wow, I can't even...This author really pays attention to detail and what elicits excitement in these sorts of situations (Older/Younger relationships) and you can really see the difference in the father and son characters...Also, it's not all that far fetched of a idea in how they put it and it just left me saying 'WOW'!.I think once this story gets more updates that it will definately be a top seller on the site, In all I'd put it up there with the best manga on here;)!Please upload soon <3
sakura14 Rating
This book has a taboo setting I like your weird twist !
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