User Reviews For: Huh? Butler? More Like My Slave!


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zzzzz Rating
I wasn't sure what to think based on the description and beginning, but I was very surprised that, for something so sex-based, you really do get to learn a lot about the characters and their personalities, which really adds to the story and the relationships, and can be rare in shorter volumes like this.
Hleskosek Rating
Was great thought it was funny
NekoLoverAly Rating
This was honestly a really good read, it is sort of relatable in the fact that people do need to destress from time to time. I am also into the top bullying the bottom a bit.
Risuna Rating
YES! 1000x yes! This was an amazing story, I super love the sadistic master (he's actually sadistic & it is beautiful), this is actually a three-way & it is amazing - the story is hot, steamy, funny & sexy - I super recommend this story
Kitten95 Rating
Pretty good story
fionav3 Rating
No plot (even by the smutty yaoi standards), no actual ending and half of this didn't make sense. Hard fail.
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