User Reviews For: Capsule Boyfriend: Open the Capsule and It's Baby-Making Time!


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NeoAnimeHaven Rating
A very cute one-shot story about trying to find your partner and the feelings that come from a mistake that the main character didn't mean to make. It's cute, but short. Wish there was more to the story. But for a quick Yaoi read this one is a good one and with lots of smexy scenes.
DreamNymph Rating
I loved it! It's a very sweet & smexy yaoi, but short. I just wish there was more
Memily Rating
See that hottie on the cover? He's- wait for it . . . the uke. Sort of? That label doesn't quite fit either character, but he's definitely the receiver. There's no forceful seduction here, just two guys looking at the same unusual situation from two different perspectives. That's what makes this little gem so interesting! Oftentimes it's a matter of "Let's see how Seme Subtype D and Uke Subtype B deal with Setting R-3." Here we find a pair of believeable, likeable people trying to work things out together like regular human beings. Thank you, Hakomichi-Sensei, for providing your readers with the unexpected pleasure of a non-standard yaoi dynamic. Not one "Kyaaa!" throughout. (11/04/15)
Koukai Rating
Not bad though I wish it was longer. Its short so you don't have the chance to really become invested in the story but it's still a nice little story.
UltraViolet Rating
Sweet enough. Pacing is a little all over the place though.
Yeonni Rating
Like other reviews have said, it's nice art and story but it feels extremely rushed. I enjoy one-shots a lot but this time it felt like an extremely good setup for drama and character development got wasted on something very shallow. I'd definitely read a longer story by the same creators.
Gingerbread Rating
When you want more you know its good.
Kenyetta88 Rating
I loved it but I'm sad that it was just one episode! Please consider a continuation of this.
WindyWing15 Rating
Interesting dynamic switch up when it comes to the general looks of the uke and seme. Interesting concept. But the story and characters aren't deep enough for me. Maybe it's a good read for those who want some quick smut, but even the smut scenes are very short-lived and not even that hot. Maybe if the story was longer and fleshed out more with the concept, characters, and storytelling, this may have been a far more interesting read. Personally though, I'm not a fan of this and wouldn't come back for it. I'm giving 2 stars for the effort. It's not horrible enough to be 1 star, and I would't rate an average 3 stars since I'm disappointed. Just note, if you are searching for very in depth storytelling, this is not a read for that. And while this does provide an interesting concept, the characters are so shallow with one of them being very air headed and unrealistic that I can't fully digest what I just read.
bluexboy69 Rating
This manga was cute enough that it leaves me wanting more. The art is nice to look at and the premise is interesting, though the plot didn't have much room to develop (almost feels unfinished, like there should be another volume). I like how the uke is manly, and not young and overly feminine. I did chuckle at how the government doesn’t understand the biology problem, but smiled at the uke’s determination to uphold the terms of their contract. Though both men are a bit silly in expressing themselves, you get a sense of their growing feelings for each other. I’m sure I will be re-reading this story again.
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