User Reviews For: Is It Wrong to Sleep with My Best Friend's Boyfriend...?


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mariais28 Rating
like this episode I cannot wait to see the next oneI hope they don't take long to bring outthe next one is was good
botaneko Rating
Interesting storyline, the heroine is torn between her best friend and her crush. With the help of her crush's friend, she is more confused.If this is completed at chapter 6, which I hope not! It is a very dissatisfying story, because it does not conclude the story, not revealing if the heroine does go with the crush or the friend. It is still left as a cliffhanger.Please let there be a chapter 7!
Willowsong12 Rating
I really enjoyed it until the end. How can it end there?? Does she end up developing feelings for Shuuji? Does Natsuki and Tohru stay together or does he try to go after Hinata? Do many questions and the ending doesn't answer any of them!
Mysterous951 Rating
Love the series, disappointed on the ending. Dx I know it's supposed to be a cliff hanger ending to where it leaves the readers imagining the ending, but still!! Come on!! Don't make us readers suffer! T~T *sighs* whelp, guess it's time for me to start writing a fanfic based on this since the ending sucked...
MirajaineKitty15 Rating
She better end up with Shuuji! Or I'm going to be uber upset
Rain Rating
It's not the deepest story ever but I found this manga surprisingly addictive to read, and I LOVE the artwork! I hope that it will continue soon so I can find out what happens next.
1life1love Rating
The manga didn't end in my opinion. I felt like there were. I ending. They left it open. Ugh. What a waste of my tickets. It was hot then it went lame at the end.
JeanNamba Rating
Storyline is so messed up! This series is marked as completed but doesn't seem so at all. One of the worst stories ever.
NikitaNeeneelee12 Rating
I didn't like how this story just ended. There so much in the story that needs closure.
LovelyBreauty112 Rating
It's a good story but way to short! I can't believe it ends in only 6 volumes. Still, its a cute read. Just don't expect a deep drama story. Its a little misleading but a cute small romance of confusion.
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