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DivineAnglicMelody Rating
One of my favorite types of stories! Where two people stay in love and love stories from three p.o.v's was great! I want more Like this thanks!
Weeb4Life Rating
Pretty enjoyable, I like how all the stories take place in the same world, with characters who all know each other. The first couple is adorable and sweet, they're both so completely devoted to each other it's too cute. The second couple are best friends of the first, they're pure comedy gold and Kenta is the most lovable pervert ever. These two couples get much more attention and development than the last one, who're pretty weak and uninteresting by comparison. The girl is annoyingly bitchy and her attempts to steal Taiyoh away from Momoka make her very unlikeable. The guy has all the personality of a rock, so I don't feel too attached to him. But as I said, the main focus is definitely the first two couples who are delightful. I just wish the smut scenes were a little more... interesting? They're short, bland and feel very lacking in every way. But the characters more than make up for it.
Risuna Rating
personally I enjoyed the 2nd & & 3rd couple more than the 1st but overall it's a wonderful romantic comedy I recommend for anyone looking for a light read
bananaheaven1991 Rating
The last side story is super cute. This manga is filled with smutty goodness. Story lines are pretty good.
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