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kaabi Rating
I really liked this!! It was really sweet, the sex scenes were very tender/sweet and very erotic as well, and the story was great! I was definitely surprised I didn't expect to like this that much but Dr. Minori is definitely very sensual hehe... Also, unexpected seme and uke and definitely love how they don't act like the normal seme and uke (and seem like fleshed out human beings!).
WindyWing15 Rating
I really enjoyed this series. I was first drawn to it because I liked each cover art a lot. I know there's that phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover", but you can really tell the artist put effort here because I get an instant feel of what the characters, especially the main one, will be like. You can get a glimpse of their personalities just by looking at how they are drawn and the colors that are used to depict the mood. But enough talk about cover art, on to the manga! I finished it. I honestly think the storytelling and dialogue (some things are ambiguous, but not terribly ambiguous that it'll take away from the readers' enjoyment) can use more work but overall it is definitely an enjoyable read if you like sensual characters, a dash of character development, and flaws (unlike some BL manga that just goes straight to the love action with a typical "Wow he's hot I'm going to fall for him.") Even though the storytelling in this manga can still use work and things seem short and brief, overall you can still get a taste of the depth of each characters' personalities, especially the key characters. I don't think this is a series that'll sweep you off your feet, but I think it's certainly a sweet read.
sakumarei Rating
i love scarlet beriko's art so much!! it's so pretty and clean. their characters are all so good and so interesting, too. i didn't really care too much about the sex scenes honestly, but i guess they were pretty erotic. if you haven't given the spin-off to this manga a try, you should!!
YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a great series! The art-style is beautiful, and the sex scenes are just gorgeous! The first two chapters are "man of the week" style, but the last four focus on our main couple. The ending is very satisfying and sweet!
lordeapplexx Rating
This was an enjoyable read. I have previously read Yondaime Tatsuyuki Oyamato. I've become a fan of Scarlet Berico's works. This is a story about how you can never get over your first love.
RileyZi Rating
I love love all things Scarlet Beriko! This is a great started to Fourth Head. I love the style I love the story. LOVE!!!
SilkySunshine Rating
I always enjoy anything by Scarlet Berico, her art is amazing. This was a pretty short story though.
Calanchan Rating
The story is so nicely done. Simple cute, sexy and very erotic. Loved the romance and the development. This manga is simple amazing. Please do read it! I thibk I'll purchase this in physical copy when I get the chance.
lovemekyoya Rating
It has awesome sex scenes and to get a massage in with all of that is just the perfect for motivating anyone
candybaker21 Rating
One of the first Yaoi I have ever read, but it is a good one! Heart break and forgiveness, and sweet manly love, with a perfect ending! A great read.
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