User Reviews For: Can I Eat You Little Kitty?


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idgal Rating
Cute collection of stories about one couple, the girl is dense about her guy "best friend" feelings even when it gets lovey dovey, the guy is patiently waiting till he attacks. The girl is a littl airheaded but cute and you'll like how her action makes the guy frustrated.
Capitulate Rating
Shoujo fluffy goodness with a dash of sex here and there makes this a satisfying read. Worth the tickets.
kinakina Rating
The story is kinda meh for me. The couple are what you'd call a baka couple, I guess? If you're looking for an engaging plot, I won't suggest this to you. Also, the girl is your typical ditzy heroine. I'm glad that I bought it at a discount because I would have been disappointed if I had bought it at full price instead. As a summary, the story isn't bad, but it isn't exactly something to rave about either.
Melhof23 Rating
That was not worth the money I spent.
Slinky Rating
Art and story a bit mediocre
Risuna Rating
He never calls her little kitty
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