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Volumeister Rating
What a satisfyingly adorable and sexy love story! BUT DOES HENRI REMEMBER HER IN THE PRESENT TIME?! I will not sleep (well, I probably will, but still) until I find out! DX I'm hoping there's a bit more to this to see them interact in the present time, but I am satisfied that it didn't end with her just falling into the sea. I like that it's realistic in that she seems to - instead of literally transporting to a different time and place as is the go-to for so many manga - have done some sort of a Wizard of Oz thing where she dream-lived the experience; that is to say, her dream became her reality. It was a little cheesy, and it was a little quick, but I think the quickness is what made it come off as cheesy because the character development had to happen over the span of only a couple of chapters. I think, however, that this added to its charm and emphasizes the dream-life POV. I would love to see an afterstory with them as a modern couple because there are so many good foundations that the story can end happily but also easily be continued. I thoroughly enjoyed this and am not often so emotionally attached to characters so quickly :)
Nora990 Rating
nice manga beautiful drawing like the cooking she is making
Lira356 Rating
It's really cute story about a revenge driven aristocrat and a girl that I don't think can tell the difference between love and lust. It's great! I have enjoyed all of the volumes so far.
Sighz Rating
Loved it. The storyline was straightforward, & well done. No background on the characters. Art, & smut were great.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ooh?! Wow! My fetishes in a long haired guy, finally found here... Ohmyy! I love the MC's Appearances soo charming yet sadistc and the FC seems Adorable looks likes she's a crying maiden hahaa. This manga is interesting ^^, why did i read this one soo late.... Nyaaa~ love this thanks renta team.
Weeb4Life Rating
It was ok for the price, not something I'll ever reread in the future but I'm still glad I read it. It somehow managed to feel both incredibly rushed, yet overly drawn out at the same time; there was a lot of plot-important stuff happening, but it all felt so small and pointless that I was wishing something more interesting would happen (and it eventually did, but only in the last part!). The characters sometimes do things that make no sense when you think about it, whose only purpose was to add drama to the story and try to pander to the reader, which I hate. I also really hate how this ends on a cliffhanger and we never see the leads interacting in the present. After everything that's happened to them I want to see their HEA! The only reason I'm giving this such a high score is because Rune is adorable and precious.
Risuna Rating
I cried at the end thinking of what happened to Henri in the past, but I'm so happy they reunited as soulmates - recommended for anyone who wants a dramatic yet sweet love story
lisa93 Rating
It's such a cute story i love it ... I hope there more to it ...
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