User Reviews For: Just Listen to What I Say. -The Things I Want a Sadistic Doctor to Do to Me-


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litnerd101 Rating
Really light read with interesting characters, would recommend.
loopysheep Rating
It's actually really good. She's struggling to figure out why she has sex so easily instead of pursuing what she really wants, which is having an emotional and physical connection with someone who truly loves her. She grows as a character much more rapidly than the doctor, but he gets there in the end. The other guys who are interested in her also change because they react to her growth. It's an interesting and subversive take on the idea that the female protagonist must be a virgin, or commit to a single person. Instead, she's an unapologetically fully sexual being. Her struggle is about committing to herself first, and the men truly interested in her actually affirm this. It's a rare read, and worth the money, to see that journey.
Kaseymere Rating
I love and hated it. So many emotions and so much up and down. So crazy
Guest Rating
Main character is easy. Just opens her legs to anyone who possibly has an interest in her, even if she's in love with someone (who seems to hate her guts) I don't understand how anyone fell in love with anyone. God, I mean the doctor ditched her in the middle of the night, at a nature park. Spent 15$ just to find out who shes gonna bone for the rest of her life... even tho, theres a couple of likable characters, lotta personality. Just wish the main character wasn't that easy, it'd make her more relatable..
Blluevaz Rating
TOO MANY LOVE INTERESTS. it doesn't give you our the main character space the get to know anyone. While I think she's a good example of a relatable character, there's an unreasonable amount of men trying to get in her pants after just meeting her
cpbiart Rating
Loved this story! The MCs are both hot messes in the beginning. Makoto doesn't respect her heart or body and the doctor doesn't understand how to treat women. Through some hilarious moments, beautifully drawn sex scenes, and delicate character growth the reader ends with a happy ending for the awkward pair. I highly recommend this series and think it is well worth the tickets!
nohface Rating
i usually hate and avoid harem manga but this is a very funny manga, i love the main girl with the doctor
neha200 Rating
Love love love it! The ending of volume 2 was totally unexpected and I can't say I'm happy with what it's hinting at. HOWEVER, man is this girl lucky; she has a hot sadististic doctor with an adorable conscience (like when he picked up his used cigarettes & the can he kicked), a hot co-worker who is so openly in love with her it's irresistible, a hot junior who offers to model naked for her, and a hot bff with facial hair who is unfortunately friend-zoned. I feel like many mangas center around the main character going through this short popularity period in their life which is exactly what's going on here.
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