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LKO Rating
WELL WORTH YOUR INDEFINITE TICKETS!! This whole story captured me and I found myself passing over some of the love scenes just to read more story. It's that good. Even tho the love scenes are beautifully drawn next to the story they become a little boring. The art is really good, the best I've seen here so far. I adore the scene where Julia is joining Ken in the pool, very cute and very pretty(pineapples!). I am going to be restless until the next volume is out and I hope they continue for a while.
heyyyjude Rating
Seriously, I love all of the characters right now. They all have this hard and psychological past, but they're all moving forward in their own way. It seems all of their lives are connected to Taeko somehow, but for right now, some of the relationship connections are a mystery. this story is sweet, passionate, and shrouded in a little bit of mystery. I am in love the story line so far, and I can't wait to see more of the story unfolding.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Gawd! This is such a deeply interwoven story of the lives of four unusual people who live their lives to the best of their abilities. Ken and Juli are high school sweethearts still learning about one another, trying to get better at verbal communication, but are definitely getting the hang of hanky panky times, darn teenagers! But they're so sweet and pure. Then there's Ken's mom and Juli's older brother who are so similar in their livelihoods, that they are deeply drawn to each other, yet still haven't gotten anywhere close to a friendship even. Then there's all these side characters that make up the rest of this rich story. At times it can be a bit confusing about why they are all drawn together and so far with only 2 volumes out we're left hanging on what is happening. But it's so beautiful in its portrayal of all the different kinds of love we share and how it drives us to go on. Title is aptly named and I'm anxiously waiting for this to continue, if ever. Keeping fingers crossed.
Inspiredchild Rating
Wow! What an interesting story & beautiful artwork. I'm loving learning about their lives & the author was impressive in how quickly we started to care about the characters. Really different, mature story I'm excited to see where it goes next
ScarletHAP12 Rating
I love this story. Often times stories like this have mostly smut and no plot but this story is great. I love the main characters and even the side characters. I like that I can hear their inner monologues to really understand why they do the things they do the the psychological hardships they've been through. Over all, it's a great and complex story that I'm looking forward to continuing.
anoni Rating
I loved this manga so far. The characters are well developed and it shows that they have a dark background and that makes you excited to know about it. I really want to read the next volume and I'll be checking every day until it is released.
shiseiten Rating
I LOVE this series. For 5 tickets you get 140+ pages with interesting characters, mysteries, and quality smut. It's nice to see a comic like this with dynamic and sometimes crass characters. I really care about everyone in this series. I'm sad there's only two books released so far and I hope they update soon! I want to know where everything is headed. (submitted 4/5/18)
kveroco Rating
Love the art, great story, can't wait for more volumes.
quaxie Rating
This is really worth the money!!! The characters are interesting, with great development and backstories. I cannot wait for the next volume to come out!! The sex scenes are steaming but actually bring something to the story and not thrown in there just because. You really begin to understand the characters and the circumstances that brought them to where they currently are at. This is just amazing! This has definitely become my new favorite on the site!
Itsumo Rating
This is definitely worth the read. Very crea6and cant wait to read more.
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