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Chea Rating
I really like these types of manga where they start off with good character development and grow. You have a girl named Hiyori, who finds out her childhood guy friend, Soushi, is moving in with her . (He actually looks really hot but, she doesn't see him as being hot because they are close friends, and there wasn't really any other guys, around her age, to compare him with when they graduated from middle school.) Well Shoushi, wants to be in a relationship with her and Hiyori has no clue how to handle it. He does stuff that embarrases her but, he's trying to get her to notice him as a man. In the 2nd book, there is another guy I won't spoil it for you... ; )But this story is a full color manga and the art is fantastic. I've read all 3 books so far and can't wait to see what's in store for the main characters.
suzumisama Rating
No smut here but I've got to say this is a typical cute childhood friend shojo manga but I really enjoyed it especially with the beautiful full-colored art <3. The couple is adorbs hehe, definitely worth your time reading if you want something cute and refreshing ^ w ^
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Such a sweet, innocent, cute manga. The two main characters are lifelong friends, total besties and now roommates in a different city about to embark on a brand new journey at a new school together. Wow! It's typical shojo, filled with lots and lots of misunderstandings and missed opportunities to confess and love rivals all over the place! But I'm so happy that the H is extremely loyal and patient with the h. His feelings never waiver, no matter how wishy washy she gets. He's a keeper! He's strong willed, smart, easy going and cute! Pretty understandable why a lot of girls are after him, some more persistent than others. And the h is completely adorkable, nuff said! I love to read this after having my fill of all the OTT indulgent grown up love stories on Renta. It's like a palette cleanser, getting you ready for your next course, something light enough to delight your taste buds, but not heavy or filling. This is sweet and fluffy and totally rated PG. And it's like never ending!
Mymomsname1 Rating
This manga makes the reader really want to have a roommate that is also your childhood best friend because of the love the two main characters share. The two of them share a unbelievable love but both have someone yearning to break them apart so that they may find a new interest. It shows human jealousy and unruffled love. It's either you love it, or you love it.
Andromeda Rating
This is a stellar story. It is classic, but done perfectly. The characters are genuinely realistic; smart, emotional, sexy, susceptible, funny, individual, evolving. The story is sweet and romantic, fun and interesting, and exciting! Considering there's no smut I still found there to be plenty of hot, heart warming racy moments as the lead characters face their feelings for each other through various ups and downs. I highly recommend this read! I can't wait for more!
Reader57 Rating
GREAT ARTWORK and characters! Some of it is kinda predictable buy still such a great read!! I need more! Love the two main characters and all the supporting!!
Powermanga Rating
This book genuinely makes me feel so happy when I am reading it + I am a sucker for childhood to become lover! The male lead is amazing I love his personality to his straightforward and his affection toward the female lead! In the other hand the female lead is naive naive and kinda dumb but not to part super dumb so I am ok with it! Definitely one of the love/childhood/lover book must read!
Rentareader Rating
Such a cute manga. Typical shojo best friend relationship, but still can't wait to read what will happen next
Hahano Rating
This manga is so cute!
Vampiro83 Rating
Cant wait for their relationship to go further...
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