IriasYrenee's Reviews & Ratings

I loooove this mangaka. You see the artwork and immediately recognize the style. This Story is kinky, smutty and overall a masterpiece. Mwaah *chef's kiss*
I can't believe the story is completed. There are still a lot of questions and loose ends. Most of the time I just felt sorry for the Uke, who's originally straight. Both of the Semes seem just to play with him and until the last chapter it all felt like a set up. I lost count how many times the Uke said "no" or "stop". Can't recommend.
What will happen, when one guy pretends to be gay while the other pretends to be straight?A lot of misunderstandings ;)This is one of my favorite mangas. Love the art style, the fluff and the emotional connection between the two boys <3
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