I'll Be the Wife of a Sumo Wrestler

His warm tongue makes its way through my lips and entwines with mine in an aggressive and passionate kiss... I don't know if sumo wrestling's the new trend or what, but I like soccer when it comes to sports and stylish businessmen in suits when it comes to men! There's no way I'll be forced into marrying a sumo wrestler I just met yesterday! Exciting days under the same roof with a handsome, pushy, and devoted sumo wrestler have just begun...!

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New Release: Sep 21, 2021 (JST)

I'll Be the Wife of a Sumo Wrestler (Tears) (1) NEW

Pages: 27
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author : MARO FUMIDUKI story : YURINE ASAHI publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING POP Rikishi no Tsuma ni Saresou desu

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