A Virile World

author :

Kaneko Nakagawa


In a particular Southern country, many animals are living in the garden of a king's palace.

Agifu, a black leopard, is the leader of the pack, and one day he's asked to care for Val, a young white lion. Val's a coward, a cry-baby, and tiny, but under the strong and dashing Agifu, he grows into a fine man while learning to adore Agifu. Each time he yearns for Agifu, he tries to mate with him, but fails.
This is the start to a furry love story where both sides can't seem to be with who they want when they go into heat!

(The digital-version includes a four-page bonus story at the end!)


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author :

Kaneko Nakagawa

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Taiyoh Tosho

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A Virile World

Pages: 200

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November 29, 2023 (JST)
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