Ichika Mito is an omega adult romance writer. One day, her editor tells her that her depictions of love are vague and tells her she's fired. After worrying that she won't be able to make her dreams come true at this rate, she drops by a host club to gather data. However, it's a crooked shop that targets omegas and Ichika is drugged and forced into heat... With her pheromones filling up the space, an alpha policeman named Jin Yasaka saves her, but... It's her first time experiencing her reason melting away and body aching. Instinctively, she wants Jin and gets wet... Is this love, which suppressants don't work on, just instinct or fate?


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neri taneichi

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DoS Keikan ha Ummei no Ω wo Nigasanai Hatsujo SEX Oshieteyaruyo

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The Sadistic Policeman Won't Let His Fated Omega Run Away -I'll Teach You The Pleasures Of Heat- (1)

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Pages: 27

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