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The Fairy and the Mercenary Comic


Princess Celestia of the kingdom of Ardun has a target on her back. To hide from the courtesans who would have her killed, she takes refuge in the countryside. One day, a beautiful, wounded knight named Andreas is brought to her and they begin to live under the same roof. He saves her from danger, and over time, they fall in love. However, something sinister is brewing at the palace, and the day they part might be approaching, fast.



The Secretary's Seduction Comic


Morgan Grady is said to be the sexiest bachelor in all of New York. Winnie was supposed to be his bride, but on their wedding day, she flees down the aisle, leaving him surrounded by all his guests. Just a month ago, she was an ordinary secretary for a company president. She knew that her feelings for her boss, Morgan, were pointless because he couldn't even remember her name! She tried to convince herself it was just a contract, but there's no way she can marry him like this!



Bedded by Arrangement Comic


Emma's feelings are hurt when she hears her coworkers bad-mouthing her, saying she is a boring workaholic. Determined to transform herself, Emma goes to a bar with her coworkers. That's when she runs into her first love, Jake. In an effort to prove to her coworkers she is anything but boring, she accepts a kiss from Jake for old time's sake. But it quickly develops into more than a friendly peck. Then Jake offers to help her change her image by pretending to fall in love with her!



Devon's Desire Comic


When Devon's father, a man who deals with national secrets for a living, receives a threatening letter, he hires the bodyguard Grey to protect her. She doesn't want Grey watching over her 24/7, especially when she has secrets of her own she wants to keep. Devon finds a way to escape her security detail, but Grey is determined to fulfill his duties. And for some reason, when Devon looks at Grey, her heart starts pounding...



The Artist and the Beast [ Total vol 25 ] Completed Comic Popular


Annoyed by everything and lacking any interest in love whatsoever, manga artist Rui gets an unexpected visit from a built, scary-looking yakuza. After carelessly becoming the guarantor for her friend's loan, she is told to settle his debt of tens of thousands of dollars... "I'll wait for payment. That is, if you let me have sex with you." And just like that, she's pulled into it. "But, I'm a virgin... Am I gonna be okay?" Just as she thinks she's going to be made to suffer, she gets treated kindly and gently, making her first sensual experience all the more confusing...


Detested by the Demon Lord ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

"I was born to defeat you. Just give up and let me take your body."

Mao is the descendant of an ancient demon lord. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, they're his to command! Mao's spent his whole life ashamed of his lineage, but one day, he meets a man named Kamiko who claims to be the legendary hero that will defeat him. When it comes to how Kamiko plans to beat him... Mao is in for the shock of his life...


Looking up at Me Like That Is Sly! -Overthrowing the Reversed Height Difference- ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


"If you want to lose your innocence, how about losing it to me?"
A pure love story between a 5'10" tall career woman innocent at heart and a manly but short guy!

Kayako is an accomplished career woman during the week, but also an innocent girl who loves Lolita fashion and cute things
Since her tastes don't really go with her looks, Kayako has been keeping it all secret from her boyfriend, but he ends up finding out!
To make matters worse, her colleague, Mr. Hano, witnesses her getting dumped and her innocence ridiculed.
When she's feeling down, Mr. Hano tells her "Why don't you get revenge on him by proving him wrong?" and before she knows it, his sweet caresses strip her of both her clothes and reason...! The cute Mr. Hano was more aggressive than she'd expected!


Philomena's Miracle Comic


Philomena is a nurse working at a hospital in London. She's great with patients and has passed the RN exam with the highest honors but has no one to celebrate with. Her father and cheering section has passed away, and her stepmother and stepsisters despise her occupation and are too busy enjoying their lives of indulgence to pay much attention to Philly. As she prepares to leave work, the deep voice of a man stops her in her tracks. It's handsome Dr. Walle van der Tack from the Netherlands. He flashes her a brilliant smile and asks Philly out to dinner to celebrate her accomplishment...



My Private King of Hearts [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorEri Sakura

Yuna is a happily married housewife. However, there is one secret she keeps from her husband.
Before getting married, she used to dominate all the men around her at a local gentleman's club. But on one fateful day, he accidentally finds out about her past!
Crushed and afraid that her married life is all over, her husband shows her another shocking truth.

"You're not the one in charge. You were meant to be a sub!"

At first, she didn't believe it. But now, she's experiencing pleasure she's never felt before...!


The Second Mrs. Adams Comic


David's wife, Joanna, married him in a ploy to access his fortune. For the entire two years of their marriage, David has wanted nothing more than to split up. However, just before the divorce becomes official, Joanna gets into a car accident and ends up with amnesia. She can't remember anything including her husband. Suddenly, things between them feel as pure as the day they met. David can't help but kiss her, but he knows this can't last. If her memories return, so will her coldness toward him. David fears being hurt again and closes off his heart from her. Can he maintain his distance forever?



My Fair Gentleman [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


In a sleazy casino full of oil refinery workers, Catherine timidly sits next to her fiance. "Damn it! Take it all!" a man with black hair suddenly screams and starts taking his clothes off. Then her fiance whispers into her ear, "Catherine, it's him." With strong determination, she approaches the man. This is a risky bet, but she has no choice. She needs to win it! "I'll transform him into a perfect gentleman."



The Power and the Passion Comic


Bernadette was born out of wedlock, the daughter of a famous businessman and his mistress. She's independent, and she doesn't believe in true love. But she's unexpectedly reunited with a young and dashing tycoon on the night of her twenty-fourth birthday. That's when her unfailing beliefs start to falter. Danton veils his attempts to melt her heart and win her love through challenges to compete with him. Are both work and love just games for the man? A loss in the competition leads Bernadette to spend a month at Danton's island in the South Pacific. What will happen to her heart and her destiny?



Servant of an Unrequited Love Comic


The only daughter of the Hearst family, Sharon, is a free-spirited eighteen-year-old and her greatest joy is climbing a great tree in her garden and looking out on her family's home. One day, she falls in love with the brand new, perfect butler, the very handsome Alfred. And her feelings for him only deepen when he ends up as her own personal tutor... But does Alfred feel the same, or does he have ulterior motives?



A Hot Wet Job for Three -Adult Toy Tester- ( Current vol 10 ) Comic Popular

PublisherKiR comics

Mutsumi, a poor college student, takes on a shady but well-paying job as a toy tester, only to find out that the toys in question are exclusively for adults! His employers are a pair of handsome studs from his college, Kamishiro and Takase. Despite it being Mutsumi's first time, they test all sorts of toys on him, in various situations...


Tipsy Transformation -The Best Way to Enjoy Your Housekeeper- ( Current vol 9 ) Comic


Aoi is a freelance writer who has always been too busy to learn how to take care of himself. To solve this problem he hired a housekeeper, Touya. They hit it off and now they're good friends. However, their relationship is a source of stress for Aoi, who is worried that Touya will see him differently if he reveals his true feelings. Another problem for Aoi is that his gender switches the moment he drinks alcohol! Could this be his secret weapon for winning Touya's heart? Bewildered by his own insatiable body, Aoi can't keep his feelings at bay!


One Heir... or Two? Comic


Kayla gave birth as a surrogate to her dead sister's child and is raising her alone. When Kayla's nanny makes off with all her money, she's left alone and broke. She decides to pay a visit to her childhood friend Van to ask for help. He's the man she once had a passionate one-night affair with. When she finds out he has a fiancee, she leaves in a hurry without saying why she came, so Van follows her home to see what she wants. Van walks in on a burglar threatening hers and the baby's lives. Once they are safe, he has a proposal: "You and the baby come live with me for six months..."



24-Hour Kiss ( Current vol 9 ) Comic

AuthorSusu Katoh

A scandalous office romance about a cool young designer and a moderately annoying businessman! At this cosmetics company, the entire design division shares a common problem, and that problem is Takumi Tokura. A manager with a history in sales and a penchant for sports festivals and living the dream, Mr. Tokura unknowingly pushes impossible tasks on the design team while spewing idealisms at company parties... In reaction, Ryo Takizawa falls deeper and deeper into a quiet rage. That anger comes to a head after the party when Mr. Tokura announces a mandatory trip to a brothel for all the male employees. Ryo stubbornly tries to go home, but his superior tries to act like a life coach and yells that "sex is important!" This situation leads to a surprising twist! "If you're so insistent, please teach me." This superior and his subordinate mix together like oil and water, but neither can go back once they open the door to new pleasures...!


Coffee Lover ( Current vol 8 ) Comic


Sakura Shiromine is an independent woman, doing all she can to make her dreams of opening her very own coffee shop come true... So much so that she's put her love life on the backburner. She was perfectly content living this way, until one stormy day, she finds a lost little boy in the rain and brings him into the cafe where she works. She calls his home, and a beautiful young man comes to pick him up. Ever since, the young man's been coming to the cafe to drink coffee and flirt with her. He's young and hot, and clearly out of her league - at least in Sakura's mind. She knows she shouldn't take him seriously, but it's getting really hard not to...


The Doctor Wore Spurs Comic


Jill, a PR consultant who's said to be a genius when it comes to fund-raising, accepts a challenge from charming doctor Tyler. Tyler wishes to build a new children's wing at the hospital where he works. For Jill, working with children digs up painful problems from her past. However, Tyler's kindness and adventurous spirit give her the courage she needs to overcome those memories. If only he could also soothe the pain she keeps locked up deep within... In order to do that, she must overcome one last obstacle: the one that could change her life.



The Reason Why We Forget [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


A bittersweet love triangle yaoi where emotions sway between a kind, mysterious older man and childhood friends.

Ohshiro has secretly been in love with his childhood friend Koba.
One day, he's drinking at a bar when he is approached by a man named Satoru. At first, Ohshiro is suspicious of the easy-going older man, but as he torments himself over his feelings for Koba, he begins to reach out to Inamura seeking solace in his gentle, accepting ways...

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