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The Prince's Pleasure Comic


Photographer Alexa is working temporarily as a waitress at a hotel banquet when she meets Luka, the grand duke of the kingdom of Dacia. On her way home, she is saved from some muggers by Luka. He takes her to her apartment, but somehow their run-in ends up in the tabloids. On top of that, Alexa is accused of orchestrating the whole thing as a publicity stunt! Now she has to prove her innocence...



Loving You Every Second Comic

The fourth book in this smash-hit series about Atsushi and Yoritomo!
Cute college student Atsushi (a.k.a. Atsu) is distracting his lover Yoritomo, a popular erotica writer. Yoritomo has to decide what to write next in his best-selling series, but all he can think about is Atsu's IOU promising Yoritomo to "do anything you want"...!
Even while meeting with his editor, Yoritomo can only fantasize about Atsu dressed as a nurse or a pop star. Work can't get done like this! At the same time, his younger brother Katsuyori is agonizing over love for the first time in his life!


Pierre Takigawa Enjoys Making Me Melt -He Can See Right Through Me- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Depressed about being scolded at work, despite doing other people's jobs on top of her own, Akari makes her way home and happens to cross a bridge. She stumbles, and suddenly the famous half-French pretty-boy patissier Pierre Takigawa is there to catch her. Akari has liked him for a while, and she's shocked at his sudden appearance. It seems Pierre thought Akari was about to jump, but once he realizes that isn't the case, he begins to point out why she's depressed with such accuracy that he might as well be reading her mind... Wait, how does he know all that!? Although Pierre can be teasing at times, the sweet-as-chocolate, intoxicating patissier sees straight through Akari and drives her wild...


Nine Months' Notice Comic


Tori and her boss, Jeff, are great together physically, but friends with benefits isn't enough anymore. She doesn't want to spend the rest of her life without love. So Tori makes the life-changing decision to break off her relationship with Jeff and start over in a new town. Then she learns she's pregnant! When Jeff finds out, he suggests they get married for the child's sake. Tori is furious. "How is marriage going to solve anything when we don't love each other?"



The King's Bride Comic


Lizzie's great-aunt was once a famous actress, and she had a deep connection with the Kingdom of Voltavia and its former king. Lizzie, a historian, decides that she wants to gather all of her great-aunt's stories about the king into a book. She pushes the present king, Daniel, for an interview but is rebuffed. Later, however, the dejected Lizzie receives a surprise in the mail: an invitation to a ball, from King Daniel himself. Lizzie arrives at the ball in high spirits but in the midst of her encounter with the king, he suddenly steals a kiss!



My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue-Tied [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Popular


For some reason, one day Ohdai woke up with the power to see how turned on people are. He thought to himself "Hey, I could meet horny girls!!", only to notice that his silent and poker-faced best friend's lust gauge was bursting at the seams. Apparently, if the gauge isn't depleted regularly, he could end up becoming a molester...!? He'll be okay if we take care of "it" before the gauge breaks, right!?


To Ninja Love Is to Ninja Live -Is the Man I Love Infatuated with Me?- ( Current vol 7 ) Comic Popular


Ayame is a ninja-in-training, known among her village for being cheerful, strong, and fond of her food. She has been in love with Shoma, the village's top ninja, since they first met, back when she was a child. Happy enough with admiring him from afar, one day she finds out that he will soon be taking a wife. She decides to forget her feelings for him, and instead devote herself to her training. First on her list: the art of love-making. However, when the door opens, she is shocked to discover that her trainer is none other than Shoma...! His fingers begin toying with her...


Prescription for a Lonely Boy Who Wants Love [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Kippei is a bum, flitting from one partner to another. When his girlfriend dumps him at a cafe, he notices the same thing happening with a male couple at the next table. Deciding to forget their misery together, Kippei and the average-looking dumpee, Sosuke, head to a hotel. Once there, Kippei is floored to see how aggressive Sosuke actually is. This is a heartrending, raunchy story about a playboy who's never known love and strait-laced doctor. The latter's unpredictable personality will make you faint!


Carnal Desire Paradox -The Guard Dog Gets Feisty At Night- [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

PublisherIproduction POP

You've been holding in your carnal desires for so long, your body has become pitiful...

The next target of Seiji Kiriya, a private investigator, is Hiroki Yano, the go-getting secretary of a powerful politician who has "special information." To get the information he needs, Seiji succeeds in becoming Hiroki's "friend in bed."
As they consummate their passion-filled physical relationship over and over again, Seiji realizes that Hiroki has feelings for a special someone and starts to get jealous. In comparison, Hiroki has a secret he can't tell Seiji, becoming overwhelmed with feelings for his new friend...

This is the long awaited comic compilation of the ambitious series about intermixing carnal desires, written with a very delicate touch!!

Contains two pages of original manga that are different from the paperback version!


The Wild Student is My Neighbor!? -Can We Do It All Night?- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


"I found your weak spot."

His fingers keep rubbing me in all my sensitive areas... He's going to make me...!
I'm Akane, and I've been teaching for a few years. One day, a transfer student, Kei Sakuraba, joins the class. He is a friendly and nice young man. As luck would have it, he happens to move in next door, too! I'm surprised, but he seems nice enough... or so I thought. It turns out he's an aggressive meanie who loves to toy with me. "Are you that excited? You're quivering, you know," he says, as he shows another side of himself outside of the classroom. His tongue teases me, as he plunges inside me, over and over. Every time we're alone, he pounces like a wild beast. It's so wrong, but it feels soooo good...!


The Arabian Mistress Comic


One year ago, Faye fell in love with Prince Tariq of Jumar. While he was staying in London, he proposed to her, but thanks to her greedy stepfather and his absurd plot, Tariq misunderstood Faye's intentions. That day, he decided to leave her. Now Faye is seeking an audience with the very same Tariq. She's in Jumar to ask him to set her sickly brother free from prison. In turn he gives her the final choice: he'll grant her wish, as long as she does exactly as he commands.



Love is a Wonderful Magic Comic


Leaving her Kentucky home, Martha travels to Las Vegas to audition as assistant to her hero Gai Jones, the magician of fire. There, she discovers that things are not going well for Gai...and that he is an arrogant sore loser. Can she save her hero, and pull off this magic trick?



The Kindness of Strangers Comic


When bank worker Ysande is invited to her subordinate's wedding, she stares sadly at the bride the entire time. The whole experience brings painful memories back to life... Eight years ago, Ysande's fiance was injured in a car accident just days before their wedding. He's paralyzed and he's still in the hospital. Then cheerful and friendly Rufer Jardine steps in. He's such a ray of bright light that he manages to break through the gloom around her sad heart. However, she feels guilty about how he lights up her heart while she still has a fiance. She tries to run away from him, but continues to have fateful encounter after fateful encounter with him!



Joy Bringer Comic


When Luce, an art dealer, first arrives in Venice for work, she sees a man standing on a wharf and gets a powerful wave of deja vu. "I wonder if I've met him somewhere before." Trying to ignore the powerful feeling, she goes sightseeing around the city. And then she runs into the man from the wharf! He introduces himself as Michele, and when Luce states that it's her first time in Venice, his expression fills with rage. Her day keeps getting stranger, but she manages to make it to her employer's home-only to learn that her new Michele!



The Italian's Unwilling Wife Comic


Damon has shown up at Abbie's door with his heart set on revenge. Two years ago, the two were deeply in love. But Abbie's father had arranged their meeting, intent on stealing Damon's business! Her father used their genuine feelings for each other for his own gain, and in the end drove Damon to ruin. At the time, Damon blamed it all on Abbie and refused to believe it wasn't her doing. Now he's regained control of his business and rebuilt his fortunes. And his only unfinished business is with Abbie!



The Runaway Falls in Love Comic


Mamoru runs away from home and decides to crash at Taketo's, a guy he barely knows from some of his old frat parties. But, Taketo only lets him do this on one condition... That Mamoru sleeps with him as "rent"! Either Mamoru leaves, or he agrees to the condition... What will Mamoru end up doing!!?

Includes bonus pages exclusive to Renta!


Sarah's Child [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Sarah has been in love with Rome for a very long time, but her best friend, Diane, married him. Sarah would never break up their marriage, so she's always kept her feelings to herself. Even after Rome lost Diane and their young children in an accident two years ago, all Sarah could do was watch over him as he ached. She knows Rome's love still belongs to his late wife, but she can't stop herself from loving him even if she never confesses to it. However, one day when Sarah gently holds him as he's overwhelmed in sorrow, something subtle changes...and they wind up kissing!



The Gilded Flower Memoirs ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

PublisherRenta Comics

"One day, you're sure to become the Queen of France."

In 18th Century Paris... Nicole, a maid, and Jeanne, a socialite, are the best of friends. Nicole's one wish is for the beautiful and clever Jeanne to become the Queen of France, as predicted by a fortune-teller.
However, since she's of common birth, Jeanne is scorned by members of the peerage. Unperturbed, Nicole somehow manages to get an invitation to the upcoming masked ball, and both of them sneak in...
Do they have a chance at actually meeting Louis XV, the King of France...!?

This memoir details the life of the first commoner to be taken as courtesan to a King of France.
A tale of romance with connections to both Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution!!


The Prince She Had to Marry Comic


Princess Lili had grown up knowing that she would someday marry Prince Rule of Montedoro, until the day the prince announced he was marrying another woman. To Lili's surprise, Prince Rule's aloof brother, Alex, gently consoles her, and it's amid this confusion that she notices the desire in his eyes... One thing leads to another and they make love. She later learns that she's pregnant, and they're set to get married...but Lili isn't sure how she feels about a marriage with cold, mysterious Alex. She's nervous about what their partnership will be like. Meanwhile, Alex is working through an unbearable darkness that threatens to crush his heart...



Starlet in the Moonlit Oasis Comic


Ashraf, a member of a royal family from the middle east, meets Cindy, a child of the slums in New York City. Upon recognizing her inherent musical talents, Ashraf offers her a deal. "I'll loan you all the money you need to become a professional singer. But, I'm buying your virginity, too." Not before long, the seedlings of love begin to sprout... Will these two from entirely different worlds ever end up together?


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