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Huh? Room for Rent, Boyfriend Included?! [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

AuthorSatoru uroco

A life of forced cohabitation, ****ed by a man she's never seen before! Kyouko's new apartment comes "boyfriend included"! Nagi, the boyfriend she's never seen before caresses every nook and cranny of her body. She should hate it, but she's soaking wet... Kyouko's never kissed or had sex before, but her body is being made more and more lascivious. They're together in the bath and, of course, in bed! Where is her unexpected new life of being relentlessly loved headed...!?


My Obedient Love Pet [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


"If you don't want me to tell your secret, then you're gonna have to do everything I say." Itoko was raised in the countryside and used moving to Tokyo as an opportunity to change herself into the fashionable and popular girl she always wanted to be. Everything was going well for her until she happened to be re-united with her childhood friend, Kei (Caution: Huge Sadist). In order to keep her past a secret, Itoko falls into the trap of agreeing to his condition of doing everything he says. Itoko's body becomes more and more sensitive as Kei takes his sadistic nature out on her. She has to try and balance this with welcome parties, studying, club excursions and the school festival. Just how is she going to manage both her school and love life?

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