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Don't Say You Love Me! Comic Hot

At first it seemed like the gorgeous and popular student council president Eiji Tokita, and Oriya Okamoto, your average, everyday student, would never cross paths. But, one day, Eiji starts passionately telling Oriya how much he loves him...! He even proposes marriage, and no matter how cold or violent Oriya is to him, Eiji won't seem to give up...!! A romantic comedy set in high school depicting love between a hot school president who's obsessed with a boy with no traits that make him stand out!!
This manga includes a short story and a bonus story!


Running a Love Hotel with My Math Teacher ( Current vol 49 ) Comic Hot


Kana is a high schooler by day and a hotel owner by night. Of course, it's a secret from everybody at school. Her grades have dropped due to the stress from her busy life, but she's kind of happy that it gives her an excuse to receive extra lessons from Mr. Saitou, the teacher she admires. One day, however, a guest at her hotel catches her eye... What!? It's Mr. Saitou!? And the room he chooses to stay in is the hotel's most popular room!! Really!? That kind and gentle teacher...!? Flustered and shocked, she's forced to go into his room! What will become of her...!?


I Chose a Gangster Over God!? ( Current vol 2 ) Comic Hot


When I call, you better bring me the goods!
Even the confession booth offers little protection from being violated by the wounded brute of a man...

Meet Shihoko, a young nun leading a peaceful life of purity. At least, she was until some gang members embroiled in a turf war take refuge in her church! The leader is a quiet man of large build with sharp, piercing eyes. Despite his terrifying demeanor, however, Shihoko is grateful for his help, and refuses to give up on him. She wants to get to know him better, but he immediately takes things to a "physical" level!! An immoral romantic comedy of erotic love!


I'm Not Going Home Tonight... -At a Love Hotel with My Wicked Coworker!- ( Current vol 38 ) Comic Hot


Satsuki and her coworker Rihito go to the countryside on a business trip. He's really popular among the women in their office and gets along well with everybody. Satsuki dislikes that about him, but that day, they miss their plane home because of her! No matter where they look, they're in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight and no cars on the horizon. But, in front of the two stranded colleagues stands a hotel...!


A Deal with Alejandro Comic Hot


The second Elise Jameson enters entrepreneur Alejandro Aguilar's boardroom, she feels a magnetic attraction to his charismatic personality and gorgeous looks. Alejandro initially rejects her ideas, but after showcasing her strong business acumen, Elise scores the biggest PR gig of her career. She is excited to pursue the dream...until she gets a desk next to Alejandro. The selfish, demanding CEO drives her wild, but Elise can't help but look upon him fondly. He has such lonely eyes... This man doesn't know what love is...but then, neither does she.



My Overprotective Housekeeper [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic Hot


Yuusuke Kondou is the son of a famous actor and is currently in a messy situation thanks to his housekeeper, Narumi Tsuda. Wanting to learn to be independent, Yuusuke left home when he started college. However, Mr. Tsuda was worried that Yuusuke might damage his father's reputation, so followed him to take care of Yuusuke's daily needs. In the end, he even finds an adult video that Yuusuke had tried to hide! Mr. Tsuda tells Yuusuke that he'll buy anything Yuusuke wants from now on, that he'll do anything Yuusuke wants... Frustrated, Yuusuke challenges Mr. Tsuda to replicate the video. He wasn't serious, but then Mr. Tsuda switches the movie on... This is the story of the secret life of an actor's son and a professional live-in housekeeper!


Married by Dawn Comic Hot


After her parents died, Tara was able to continue only because of her little sister, Charlene. And then, a year ago, she lost Charlene, too. She was murdered by the coldhearted Gavin Deveroux. And what's harder to believe is that, according to witnesses and her sister's diary, he's a vampire! Though she has her doubts, Tara finally confirms the truth at her sister's memorial service when the man himself shows up. No human could possibly be as beautiful as this man, and in that moment Tara completely forgot about her plan for revenge!



You're a Glutton for Punishment. Right, Teach? [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic Hot


Akito Takaoka spends his days teaching classics to high school students and his nights having meaningless one-night stands with other men. Last night was supposed to be just another fling, but when he wakes up, the cute guy next to him laughs and says, "So you really didn't recognize me?" Akito can't believe it... He actually slept with Shindo... one of his students! Shindo continues to pursue Akito while at school, and though Akito vowed never to get romantically (or physically) involved with a student, Shindo's gaze alone sets his blood aflame. He knows it's wrong, but he wants more...!


A Hole in the Wall [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic Hot Popular

AuthorYun Kinoko

Due to something that happened when he was younger, Yuji Kuga is anthrophobic and has no experience with women. The only person who can touch him is Leo, the childhood friend who has always looked out for him. Deciding that he can't trouble Leo any more than he already has, Yuji tries to get over his trauma at college, to no avail. In fact, even his twin brother, Reiji, tells him enough is enough. Then, one night, Yuji is surrounded by gay men and dragged to a literal "hole in the wall" bar; an establishment where the male staff service customers by offering their lower body through a hole in a wall. It turns out that Yuji was mistaken for Reiji, who works there part-time. He's required to pleasure customers without any explanation, but for some reason, rather than hating it, he revels in the satisfaction the unknown man on the other side of the wall brings him again and again. For the first time, Yuji experiences the delights of someone else's fingers and tongue. He starts thinking that doing this might just help him overcome his phobia... And he can't forget the ecstasy he felt while he was being thrust into. So, the next day, he heads to the bar once more...


Hypnotic Love -You'll Come to Want Me- ( Current vol 4 ) Comic Hot


Riku gets his hands on a mysterious application called "Hypnotic Ecstasy Controller", and uses it to make his beloved teacher, Mr. Takahashi, do his bidding. Little does he know that he'll get quite a bit more than he bargained for. There is a limit to how many times the hypnotic properties can be used, but Riku can't stop himself from hypnotizing Mr. Takahashi into doing embarrassing things to him, over and over. What will happen if the mechanism breaks!?


The Father of Her Child Comic Hot


Lauren spends a passionate night with a man she just met. She hasn't been in the mood for romance since she divorced her abusive husband, so why now? A few hours before, Lauren was preparing for her publishing company's party. There, she met the gorgeous and kind publishing agent Michael Timberlane. She tried to keep their interaction business-oriented but failed terribly and fell into his arms. Lauren cannot forget the lingering sensation of their hot night, but she finds out the next day that Michael approached her to get revenge...



I'm a Pop Star, Now Expose Me! [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Hot Popular

PublisherKiR comics

"Can you take some pics? I want you to shoot me... getting absolutely torn apart by you!" Yukinari's been chasing after scoops as a paparazzo for about a year. His next target is the super-popular Subaru Nagare, a pop star with a totally clean record. Discovering the two are old high-school classmates, Yukinari successfully gets invited into Subaru's home without giving up his true intentions... "I wanna see the side of you that no one knows." Out of nowhere, the clean-cut and princely Subaru desires more than just a renewed friendship! Yukinari's stunned when the "White Prince" reveals his true self, and a few glasses of wine, later, he's lost all control. Overcome by his carnal urges, he goes to town on the pop star's body... and becomes directly involved in his prey's first scandal!


The Bride Fonseca Needs Comic Hot


Max, an arrogant but sexy businessman, is always in the gossip magazines. Darcy, hired by Max as his personal secretary, is well aware of the reason he hired her. She's a plain Jane who won't stir up trouble for him. But then, out of nowhere, he says he wants to marry her! In order to win a once-in-a-lifetime business deal, he has to play the family man. Darcy doesn't believe anyone will take their relationship seriously, so naturally she refuses to be his accomplice. Max, however, is sure she'll change her mind, if only he can name her price!



Where Love Goes [VertiComix] ( Current vol 2 ) VertiComix Hot

Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!
Izumo is a part-time high school social studies teacher, and he has feelings for Muroto - a popular, handsome physics teacher. As the graduation ceremony for seniors draws close, Muroto takes refuge from his enthusiastic female students in Izumo's classroom. To Izumo, he says, "Please be my girlfriend!!" Also, it seems that Tomogashima, a student who's close with Izumo, likes Muroto as well...... The love triangle that revolves around a lighthouse's legend begins during spring break...


A Pet for the Beasts to Play with -Moaning Sweetly for Sadistic Singers- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorMomo Maeda

Newbie manager Nana finds herself in charge of Kakeru and Shin, a.k.a. the popular singing duo " Quiche" ! However, both men are very different from how they act in public. Nana gets bombarded with ridiculous demands, and her daily life is filled with nothing but work... Yet, undiscouraged, she's determined to do anything for them that's within her power, devoting herself completely to her job. Then, one day, Kakeru turns into a new kind of beast and goes for Nana's body...! She knows it's wrong, but she can't help melting at the loving touch of a superstar's fingers and tongue...!


That's Why I'm Saying It's Fate. [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorSachi Arai

Yoshito Ichinose, a wedding planner, is a single man who has been married twice before. His company has just hired Masato Niwa, an up-and-coming hair and makeup artist. Masato is apparently some sort of esper who can see people's auras and ghosts, and his impressive skills have recently featured on TV shows and magazines. Why would a guy like that start working at a wedding planning company? When Yoshiki asks him, he says that his late great grandfather told him that his soul mate would be there. He also asks Yoshiki if he is keeping his promise to his second wife. "What in the world can this man see?" One day, one of Yoshito's clients becomes sick right before her wedding, and the doctors tell her she doesn't have long to live. It's no different than what happened to him. "Yoshi, do you know how to heal sorrow?"


The Desert King's Blackmailed Bride Comic Hot


Polly goes to the desert kingdom of Dharia to look for her father. However, in the airport, she's summarily seized and taken to the palace. There she meets the handsome King Rashad. His sharp eyes and dignified stature make Polly's heart race. Then, while she's staying at the palace, he suddenly proposes. Polly, whose heart has been captured by him, agrees to marry, but their relationship is merely a practical affair. To Rashad, the marriage fulfills a royal duty. Still, Polly believes that one day her love will reach him...



Once Upon a King Comic Hot


Cara has always lived a simple life. One day she bumps into a man named Mike at the park. He makes her heart flutter and they spend a sweet night together. But when she wakes, he's gone, and Cara spends the days that follow nursing her broken heart. She's sure that she'll never see him again. Several months later, when she goes to the country of Eliason to help her friend prepare for her wedding, she meets Mike at the airport. There, she learns the shocking truth. He's actually Prince Michael, her friend's older brother and the next in line for the throne!



30, Chaste, and Chased (by a Younger Guy!) [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

Saki, a hardworking businesswoman, has been an editor at a women's fashion magazine for seven years and is due to become the next associate editor. Underneath that perfect exterior, however, she's a total nerd, and the only men she's interested in are fictional characters. When she does receive a promotion, it comes in the form of a transfer to a fashion magazine aimed at men! Saki's friend and coworker tells her that she needs to get used to real-life men and invites her to a mixer. There, Saki meets Ryou, a handsome man who looks just like the prince in her favorite manga. At first, he's kind and gentle, but things start getting hot and heavy pretty quickly! She reconfirms her belief that real-life men are scum, when who should she meet at work but the man she spent the night with...!


Half-A-Million-Dollar Bride ( Current vol 7 ) Comic Hot

PublisherRenta Comics

"I bought you for thousand dollars." Akane was abandoned by her mother as a little girl and treated as a nuisance by the family members that were forced to raise her. She's always held firm to the belief that one day she'll find happiness, but is shocked to learn the man she thought was her destiny is already married! Accused of having an affair, she's being forced to provide compensation. Just then, a man in a suit suddenly appears and claims to be her husband!?

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