Harlequin Artist Interview

Read our interview with the Harlequin artist
Sae Nanahoshi...

Could you please introduce yourself?
I'm Sae Nanahoshi, and I work in the manga industry.
What made you want to become a manga artist? Have you always wanted to be one?
I've always loved drawing and reading manga, so it was my dream when I was a kid to become a manga artist.
How did you discover Harlequin?
I first heard the name on a TV commercial when I was a kid. I first started reading it when, after I'd gotten ill and had an operation, I was recovering at home and looking for e-books to read.
Who are your favourite Harlequin authors?
I have loads, but I particularly love Abby Green, Susan Mallery, and the late Penny Jordan.
What's your favorite Harlequin book?
I love all three of Susan Mallery's 'Triple Threat' series, which comprises 'The Girl of His Dreams', 'The Secret Wife' and 'The Mysterious Stranger'. I was over the moon to be asked to oversee the manga version.
Which of your manga do you like most and why?
Without doubt Abbey Green's "The Legend of De Marco". The hero and heroine are both so overwhelmingly human, in that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. The story was a pleasure to illustrate.
How long does it take you to draw a manga?
It depends on the manga, but I'd say roughly 3-4 months. Figuring how to structure the story is what takes the most time.
Do you have any advice to give aspiring artists?
I think everyone has the chance to be a published author, but the important thing is whether you're able to continually do it as a job. Drawing manga takes a lot out of you both physically and mentally, so if you don't look after yourself and organize your schedule correctly, you won't last very long. To be honest I have to remind myself this a lot...
It sounds like a cliché, but more than anything you really do need to just love manga and be highly motivated.
How do you spend an average day?
I like playing with my cat, going shopping, cleaning my house, and so on. I just really enjoy taking it easy.
Do you have any interests other than reading and manga?
I like making accessories with beads and things. I'm allergic to metal, so I've never really been able to wear anything on sale in stores. As such, I eventually just started making things for myself, and got hooked. You have to carefully think about combinations of colors, like I do with my job; I guess you could say my work is my hobby! Lol.