Harlequin Artist Interview

Read our interview with the Harlequin artist
Nanami Akino...

Could you please introduce yourself?
Hi there. My name's Nanami Akino. I first started drawing HQ 15 years ago.
What made you want to become a manga artist? Have you always wanted to be one?
When I was in Elementary school, my older sister and I would combine our allowances and buy Shojo manga, so that had a big effect on me. In my graduation album I wrote that I wanted to become a manga artist (lol).
How did you discover Harlequin?
In my twenties, I borrowed one from my friend who adores Harlequin.
Who are your favourite Harlequin authors?
Lyn Stone, Nicola Cornick, and Cherry Adair.
What's your favorite Harlequin book?
It's difficult to pick just one. I like ones that are less about talking and more about drama.
Which of your manga do you like most and why?
"Seducing Mr. Right" was a lot of fun to illustrate, because the characters were so full of life.
How long does it take you to draw a manga?
It takes me 3 months per manga. Every year it takes me longer and longer to letter, so I stress myself out about how I can become quicker...
Do you have any advice to give aspiring artists?
Remember to draw from the perspective of a reader; try to make everything as understandable for them as you can. Always try to make each of your scenes impactful.
How do you spend an average day?
Besides doing work, I do the housework and look after my three cats.
Do you have any interests other than reading and manga?
I don't like going out much, so I enjoy watching anime, sports, etc. on TV. I sometimes go to art museums.